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Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool Answered

Seed Bead Spinners - Bead Stringing Tool

This is a very easy to use bead stringing tool! No special skills, batteries or electricity required.
Based on a very simple scientific principle, the beads are "forced" onto your needle by the 100's - in a matter of seconds!
Simply place seed beads into the bowl, insert the wire needle and spin!
The BeadSpinner bead stringing tool easily strings ALL sizes of seed beads.
The Bead Spinner stringing tool comes complete - with illustrated instructions and needles.

Please visit us at: www.beadspinner.net

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Oh and your website link is incorrect, it should be www.beadspinner.net

Thanks for letting us know that our site address was wrong...!

Looks pretty cool! How full does the bowl have to be to work? And say if you added 50 seed beads into the bowl, and you wanted them all to go on, would every last one hop onto the string? Regards, Kryptonite.