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Seeking ideas for a haunted house! Pranks, gags and spooky stuff needed! Answered

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are going to be making a haunted house and we're looking for ideas. We have access to an old abandoned house and we're going to pretend that one of us is a house inspector or a rat catcher or something and have friends set their friends up for a Halloween scare. We've got some ideas (right now we're trying to build an r/c servo that pulls the pin holding up a painting so that it suddenly falls off the wall.... Tina built an r/c prank flashlight that we can remotely turn off (so that the flashlight 'fails' in a dark scary room) and we have some old creepy porcelain dolls that we want to remotely activate (heads turning, arms moving, that sort of thing) but we're looking for more ideas. We will invite the guest to inspect the house with one of us while the other person controls the pranks and gags. 

Anyway, if you have any great ideas or know of some good resources I would love to catch your feedback.





6 years ago

At the local haunted house last year they had some big guy covered in fake blood revving a chainsaw that had no chain. That was pretty scary.

One really good idea I have is "the demon in the basement." You paint a basement door to look like a steel blast door, then cut out a rectangle about eye level and put bars going up and down in the hole like jail bars. then add claw marks around the hole like something is trying to get out. Finnally have someone dress up in a demon costume and get behimd the door. So when someone asks about the door, you say you keep your "pet' down there, and the person in the costume growls and trys to grab the person through the bars.

There are any number of good pranks. If you are not going for an advertised haunted house I would try to keep it relatively discrete. You could try the living statue, "malfunctioning"/flickering lights, fireplace or candles that turn on by themselves, creaking or slamming doors (and preferably locking behind them), paintings that follow people, things moving in shadows or outside windows, whispering voices coming from empty divisions, screaming voices coming from empty divisions or combine augmented reality mirrors with dimished reality software to remove things (like faces or eyes) or people from the reflection.

Just think of anything creepy that is weird enough to be noticed but discreet enough that people can think it is all in their heads :D

Also, if possible place hidden cameras everywhere to catch their reactions so you can share with everybody on the interwebs!

Hi guys, thanks both for your feedback. Kiteman, I checked out the Halloween channel but it seems to be largely costume how-tos (I did find a great fake skin instructable though; I want to put fake flesh chunks on plastic bones). FoolishSage, those are some great ideas! I do want to try setting up some system so that I can make lights flickering/go out.

OK, thanks - keep'em coming!

Many of these ideas come straight from scooby doo :D Try going through a couple episodes for inspiration.

Another idea came to mind, but this one requires a bunch of planning and some luck as well:
Have a plant in the group (someone to work with you without the others knowing) and have them become "trapped" behind a door that mysteriously closes and locks. Have the plant scream while they throw some fake blood around the room and up a chimney to look as if he has been dragged off by a monster. Then he hides or climbs out of the window or something before the door can be opened again. Watch as panic ensues!

That's horrific and brilliant! I'm thinking of having the 'mark' help carry a supply box with the prank flashlight and other props into the front foyer, then put it down. When they leave the room with the props taken from the box I will secretly switch the box with a similar one that is smashed open and has 'blood' smears on it, then hide and set off a hidden sound machine. When they come running back into the room it will look like someTHING has destroyed the box they carried in (and might still be hiding in the house....)

A rule that applies to horror movies also applies here: Nothing you can show is can be as bad as what people can imagine. If your pranks keep implying something is wrong without directly showing bad things happening, people will generally leap to worse case scenarios. Of course your implication has to be good enough or people will just not bother thinking about what might be going on at all...