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Selecting the main photo? Answered

This was a great tutorial on creating an instructable! Kudos!! I've written a few Instructables here and had a few featured. I also post tutorials over on Hometalk. Hometalk suggests a different strategy for the main picture and they encourage you to use a "before" picture to entice readers to investigate the tutorial. I'm just wondering if that approach would work on Instructables? It appears that most folks here make their main picture the finished product. So, I've followed that logic ... when in Rome.... However, on Hometalk I get a lot of views on tutorials that start with a before picture. Just wanted to throw the idea out there to get others' opinions. Thanks again for the class!

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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-03-20

Honestly, I'd recommend a final, finished shot of whatever your project is! That's kinda the way we've always done it around here and what readers and staff expect to see. Because there are so many projects posted here everyday, I always think it's important to have a great project image so you get clicks! :)

However, you could always show a before/after image in the introduction step to show readers just what they're going for. :D

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