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Selling stuff at school Answered

Hi, I'm in middle school and i need money for a guitar. I want to sell candy or something at school to my friends but I don't know what would be successful. Please give me some suggestions. So far, I've only thought of selling war heads for $.50 each from a $15 240 piece tub. Please help!


If you dont know what to sell find crafts to make. I am selling things at school like glass stone magnets, rainbow loom bracelets/charms/pencil toppers, you could also sell zipper pulls or ducttape stuf

We don't know your school.

Why not do things properly, and ask your target market? Compile a list of possible products, then do a survey of pupios in the school yard to find out which they would like to be able to buy at school.

Be aware that sone schools object to children selling candy on site, so talk to somebody in charge. Start by explaining that you are trying to raise money to further your music education (phrase it like that, it makes your argument stronger), then ask permission to run a small enterprise selling snacks at lunchtime.

Play the politics game as well - if they say they don't want you selling candy on site, reply by asking "What would you like to see me selling instead?".

They might reply by naming a product (stationary, fruit etc), in which case you then reply "Ah, that's a much better idea, thank you. I'll change my plans right now, and I'll be able to start selling as soon as I've identified a wholesaler", then walk out quickly before they can object again.

I did not think of it like that. Thank you for the great idea! When school starts I'll make sure to follow your plan. So once I get a general idea of what they want, that product will make the most money. Thank you again.

You're welcome.

Treat it like a proper business, keep proper book etc, and it will look great on your resumé as well.