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Semi-Auto Revolver Is Finally Posted Answered

Well, now I am out of work I'm finally posting it despite its faults (which I'm sure someone can fix). So I should get it posted this week all being well.
It fires oodammo, white and blue rods, the range I have not tested as it varies on the bullet locks (which are worn on mine) but it is probably only around 20 feet.
The trigger pull is heavy and occasionally painful if you follow through, but who cares it's freakin' semi-auto!! :D.


What does soon mean?

Wow... interesting.... I might play with this when I finish school. I like it.

Heh I remember this thing from quite a while ago and you're just now letting us have a looksies? Still, it's looking pretty good, though the handle is pretty fugly.

For the first time in forever, I want to build someone else's weapon so I'll see what I can do. I'm sure others will have a go too.

And I'll reply to your other comment here because I'm on my iPhone and don't feel like going all the way to that comment and blah blah. Ouch, how did you accomplish that? And I've been good. Just graduated, but unfortunately I've still got to figure out where to go for college/university. Haven't been K'nexing much but with my free time and the deadness of the community I attempted a movement at dehibernating the vets that still lurk around. I haven't made much, just recently remade and posted pics for my new UMP. I'm figuring out what is to do with oodammo pistols. I have a fully automatic sling weapon concept but am missing the most important part. Perhaps you can help?

Sorry for taking so long to answer TD.
The lead against the steel plate on the range has been shot so much that there is one big hole which the bullet came back through, luckily it only clipped me.

I didn't realise the community was hibernating, perhaps it's just because it is exam time.
The sling-thing sounds very interesting, yeah I'd like to see that. I did have a bash at a pump action/semi-auto oodammo slinger but I couldn't find a way to store to bands in an order, maybe you could see if you could find a way too.

Good luck with looking for a college, make sure it is one that suits you. I just spent a year at one I didn't like, but that's what I get for screwing up my final exams last year, hopefully *crosses fingers* I will get in to the better one this time.

Ouch... a lovely thought.

Actually, it sounds like our guns could start with a similar base. Do you think you could figure out how to make a near frictionless, semi automatic trigger mechanism for rubber bands? Funny, no one else has been able to do it so far.
And yeah, I've been trying to think of a way to catch bands as well. The best I can think up is a separate cog at the front of the gun that is connected to the trigger so that it spins to a new spoke as soon as you fire. Then set up the pump to pull back the current band and spin the cog the other way when returned. That would be incredibly complicated though. As for the trigger, if you can come up with that mechanism, just make sure that it's easy to force a band back into it.

Yeah, the trigger-cog-pump was exactly what I was trying, had no luck though, hopefully working as one with prove more fruitful.

I think it could work by being like a separate RBG at the front of the gun, 'cept the bands are wrapped around and out of the way. The trigger would be attached to both mechs so that when you shoot the main mech, it catches on a new spoke on the front mech. And when you pump, it forces the front cog to rotate and catch on its trigger mech so that a new band would be prepared, then you could force the band into the back cog to rotate it and "chamber" that round. This way, both cogs act in sync, they'd both shoot at the same time and you could set up a new band to grip and another to shoot with one pump pull. This is why you could use a near-frictionless trigger as well, else it'd be an incredibly stiff trigger pull.

And how well do you suppose the fully automatic idea would work? It's basically based on a piston system from real firearms. The energy from a flung band would transfer into a lever that forces a piston back into the trigger mechanism which can then drive the next shot. You see why I want a near-frictionless trigger mech now, so that the force of one band could overcome the force of multiple bands stacked on the mech. The advantage of this setup is that you could adjust the RoF of a weapon by the placement of the lever, and it would only fire the next shot after the previous shot has already been flung.

Of course the trigger would also take some work. I'm thinking it could use an Ooda semiauto-like set up where you push a separate transition pin into the mech which then would shoot back after pulling the trigger all the way back. It would be free to move on its own while the trigger is held down which would allow the piston to push it into the trigger mech. Then while the trigger is pulled halfway (as to allow semi automatic fire) the piston would be negated

I am lurking... :/ This community is dead though.

AMAZING - Now post

when will oyu post this

That is very nice! Do post, this is probably the best (most innovative and interesting) K'nex gun I've seen lately on I'bles.


7 years ago


Awww, man! I was hoping to start one of these with almost the exact same mech idea lol. Darn...amyways, excellent job with the design!

I love it. And like TD said for the first time in forever, I want to build someone else's weapon. But I have to say I'm so confused by your video. Are you firing it down or what?

cool and nice opticalillution

I feel so disoriented watching your video... but it looks very cool!


7 years ago

Quite epic! =D