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Semi auto MP5K Answered

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Hello everyone, i am back agian, with something non generic. I've seen to many basic "slide action" and simple "pin-pull back" guns. Usually, replicas that look good, often can't shoot, and most ugly-looking guns have a unique mech. I decided to combine the two, and make a decent looking mp5k, with a semi auto mech. The mech is different from my semi auto vector's mech, because the trigger is much more stronger than before, and never breaks. This is an unfinished gun, so will post instructions later. Pros and cons:

-semi auto, original idea
-magazine with internal pusher
-super good looks (compared to my airsoft MP5K)
-I kinda perfected the front sight
-excels in CQB in knex wars (if you are going to have one)

-hard to pull the trigger
-shoots below 20-15 feet
-a lot of cut pieces
-cut pieces are needed (unfortunately) sorry guys ;(

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OMGoodness. That is pretty sweet bro, now were talkin.

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Knex Lego Maniac (author)2013-09-16

It sounds very very cool! I would love to see how it works and also see a video! When you do end up doing that post some pics and the video on the forum too!

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It works similar to my semi auto vector, with a video posted here

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