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Sending messages to devices on my network? Answered

Ok, so I can set up my own wireless network from my laptop, how could I send messages to the devices (computers, ipods, cells etc.), either all of them or specific one(s)?


The same ways you would on a wired network. You need to know what protocols those devices are listening on, or install additional software if they don't already handle those protocols.

In other words, there's no trivial, simple answer. The kinds of "messages" that a wireless printer will accept and respond to are completely different from those which an iPod will respond to. To answer this you either need to reduce the scope hugely and read literature on the particular devices involved, or do some serious networking study and read literature on the particular devices involved.

What are you trying to do, with which specific objects? If you narrow it enough, someone may be able to point you to an existing solution.

It's part of a prank I'm working on. I will go to a cafe with free wifi, and rebroadcast it with an identical name, hoping some people connect to mine. Once someone (or someones) have connected, I want to be able to send a simple text message that will appear on their screen, like you would in a batch file (msg * hi), or possibly a 2 way chat.

As I said, can't be done to arbitrary device. Best you could do would be to insert it as part of an HTTP response, or something of that sort.

That's presuming they aren't using a Virtual Private Network, which you can't intercept in any meaningful way. (Which is the whole point of VPN.)

And that's presuming they would/could connect to yours. And that they wouldn't be _FURIOUS_ with you for tampering when they're trying to get useful work done.

This sounds like a good way to get yourself into more trouble than you want, for a pretty juvenile prank. I'd suggest you think of something that will only affect your friends, who *MAY* forgive you.

Since I have no idea what it is, presumably not.

I'll take your advice into consideration...However, how can I set up an http response?