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Sequential, multiple output relay circuit? Answered

I am trying to make a sequential relay circuit on 12-14V DC (automotive power). I need a circuit that will toggle up or down four different ouputs each "latching" until triggered to move up or down the series. Only one relay can be on at a time. One momentary switch will control "up" and the other "down" with the positions holding until the next trigger impulse either way. I will be using the circuit to control paddle shifters on a transmission. Thanks in advance! Dave


you can do this with CMOS or TTL binary counter (its a chip that makes what you need) and connect the relays to its outputs

Thanks for the reply, where do I find that chip/board. Is there a development kit or something similar that is easily programmed and would work for this?

here is in high resolution a circuit i designed and i think it should work

let someone advanced in electronics review it before we continue - i just draw it in paint and did not test anything

the inputs are 5 V (max !) when activated and 0 V when no. if disconnected when open add 1K resistor from each to earth. if you have higher voltage you may need voltage divider and maybe transistor

the initial state wires should be connected to 5 V or earth each. they choose which relay is active when the system is powered on. (actually A and B choose and C and D are ignored but you still should connect them to something)

the LM358 chip is connected with VCC to 5V and GND to earth

maybe you can drive your loads directly with the transistors without relays (preferred if possible)


i dont think this thing justifies programmed controls (arduino etc) maybe there is some ready kit. maybe not i'll find the exact circuit later

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