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Serially connect SD or other memory cards? Answered

SO! Is it possible (or plausible) to connect SD cards together in such a way that their memory capacities add up? I have a bunch of old dumb ones that I could probably use as a makeshift drive in an eee PC, but I'd like to make one big huge drive out of them. If it's possible, how would I do that?

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V-Man737 (author)2008-08-24

I knew there was a way... I just didn't know it was so involved.
LOL! I like the title of the article leading me to think you could homebrew a device like that... But you have to buy it whole. That's about as DIY as buying a Mac and calling it a DIY computer system!
:-( I hoped it would be as easy as "connect tab 3 to tab 1" or something.
*Googles some more*

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whatsisface (author)2008-08-24

Yes there are devices out there to do it:


thats one example, I know there are more.

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