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Serious SPAM issue Answered

You've got a serious spammer or bot problem going on right now. There's a rediculous amount of posts featuring scantily clad asian women since last night.



Wow! Something happened!

All the spamcollections are gone alongside the bots.

Whoever did it: THANKS! :)

We're trying to keep ahead of them, but please bear with us.

If you happen upon a spam item, please simply flag as such and move on. Posting links to it here is actually counter-productive, and in a sense helps the spammers.

Thanks for the heads-up everyone!

can not Flag spam collections..
I flag the ones I can.. but the spam ones are not able to be flagged..
getting real out of hand the past few weeks..
almost to the point of not wanting to come here any more.

With the Android-App you can flag also collections. Even the spam-ones.

Thanks, I was just trying to be helpful posting a link to the users page, as some of them had 10 or more spamsructabiles, and lots of collections which cannot be flagged.

Good to see the site back to its old self.

problem is they use valid instructables in their collections, so we are unable to mark them as spam. only the collection is spam

Seems like your changes on the page paid off. Havent seen korean spambots and 'ibles for many days now...

Some post in the forums, but they are 403-walled. Not a big problem...

Well done!

Haha, that's actually a bug - the site can't cope with the character set.

Oh! then it is not a bug but a feature! :)

We're working on that. (Glad it seemed like a feature, though!)


3 years ago

FemBots are back with a vengeance I have flagged a bunch but discovered that they are now making collections that do not contain their own instructables but they just add their span in the introductions.. Is it not possible to ban some the the common Korean characters until a full solution can be implemented?


3 years ago

And the Fembots are back... :-(

some of your actions seem to be working as there is only one instructable per account now but they just made like 10 accounts..
I have flagged them...

Looks like your flagging worked - I can't see any!

looks like the fem bot is back, just flagged some more

As a heads up: in the androidapp you can flag collections as spam.

More spam as collections which I cannot flag. Is there anything I can do to help?

So much spam. so much that I have removed instructables from my Feedly feed. I'll just wait a couple of weeks and then add it back.

Whats interesting: All those Spam-accounts somehow enter the actial year (2014) as birthday. All thise spamaccounts have a calculates age 0 years.

Maybe we can go with this information?

its getting worse...

16 out of 17 are spam-collections.


3 years ago

The Korean FemBots are at it again!

.. I flagged a few... but I now blame Kim Jong-un this must be the reason he is not seen in public anymore...

ah, makes sense now. Bet his "discomfort" is a repetitive strain injury in his index finger from all the mouse clicking. Where's Team America when you need them?

It's secretly him. In ALL the photos. And FemBots is a great name that summarizes the attack without having to say "scantily clad" every time.

yeah, "attack of the asian hookers" is getting a bit boring now.

12 of 15 recent-entrys are spam... collections so we cant flag them.

All the spamers sign up and immediately start spaming.

Maybe a cool-down-period may be needed? Like the first 20-30 days every instructable or collection have to be approved by admins/mods/members?

Is it possible to block fembots IP address? All this spam it starting to stink up the place. `,-(

Please add an option to flag COLLECTIONS as spam!

maybe put a temporary hold on new members posting like first ible needs to be moderator approved


3 years ago

It is still happening, I don't want this site covered in Asian women in bikini's

Neither do we. Today's return of the FemBots was part of an effort to pinpoint the bug that is being exploited.

Right now, as you and I type, HQ will be asleep.

Please flag as much as you can and move on.

Can HQ not give you some extra permissions until this is fixed so that you can delete them?

I can make individual projects go away much more quickly that most members, but I cannot take actions on an individual's account, so I cannot shut the spam off "at source". That power is reserved for those actually employed by Instructables.

The issue preventing me hanging around the site sixteen hours a day, stomping spam as it appears (which I would happily do) is that I have to earn a living. Combine that with time zones, and there are several hours of the day when HQ is still asleep, and I'm stuck at work.


3 years ago

The Korean FemBots are at it again! not sure if you can ban certain "words" but they seem to always mention "YTN.COM" if you could block that from posts it may slow them down?


3 years ago



Email has been sent to service (at) instructables.com already

Bot & spam. We've mostly stemmed the tide, but flag 'em as you see 'em moving forward.

Thanks for the heads-up. Those URLs don't open, so our usual spam removal techniques don't work on them. I'm nuking them now the old-fashioned way.

They're still there (8 am EST) And when I click them they link to the "Instructables is down" page !

I get that too, I think they remove the content and then they work on removing the links afterwards.

Gone. Finally. Sorry about the delay. Thanks for keeping us focused on Q&A.;

There is now a bug that is affecting the 'posted on' time, it says you post was -391 minutes ago.

This isn't a bug.

Best thing to do with spam is to flag it and move on.

It "IS" a bug as the system was not able to detect and respond to so many spam messages from the same person(s) it is similar to a DOS attack. There are ways to harden the system so that one person cannot post hundreds of messages in a short time frame or have the same or similar text appear in may posts. Most message boards have code in place to handle this without having to wait until people "flag" it.

This board does as well (for every spam message that slips through, there are many, many more that don't). The weekend's spamming happened got through because they came from several accounts, not just one, and their style & content changed during the "attack".

You're both right. It's less a bug and more complacent security policy. Nothing like getting kicked in the teeth to remind us to keep our guard up.

Features have been requested. Dev road map now contains a slight detour.