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Set "Graphical Search" as your default search method! Answered

The fact that I have to click "Graphical Search" after each search I do using the instructables search bar has started to annoy me recently.

I found a solution to allow me to set the default result as the graphical search instead of the less useful google search page.

To use this "hack" (or workaround if you prefer) you will need two things. Firefox and the Redirector extension for firefox.

It's really simple to make work. If you haven't got Firefox, download and install it. If you have all you need to do is download the Redirector extension which redirects you from one chosen URL to another.

Once installed, restart Firefox then click "Tools" then "Redirector". You will see this box:

Click "Add..." then add the following lines before saving.
Include Pattern: https://www.instructables.com/pages/search/search.jsp(.*)q=(.*)
Redirect To: https://www.instructables.com/tag/?q=$2
Pattern Type: Regular Expression

It's as easy as that! Now any time you use a search bar on instructables it will default to the graphical search not the google search.

I've been using this a few hours now and all seems great. If you come across any problems or instances in which it doesn't work please post below to let me know.



This appears to still work despite the graphical search link being removed. Thought I'd bump it since I'd imagine quite a few people are looking to fix this at the moment.


7 years ago

i just found one for google chrome it is here

Thanks. I'll check it out later.

I just type it in then click Graphical Search, even if it takes a little longer than just pressing enter.

When the new release was rolled out, that stopped being an option. Great that Rachel was able to put it back.

Yeah, I just realised that and came back here to rectify my mistake! Thanks.

This is awesome! thank you so much. I was going to die without it.

How would i do this in google chrome?

Have a search for an autoredirector script or extension. I couldn't find one with a quick search but I'd imagine it's a pretty common request so there must be one somewhere. If you can find one, let me know and I'll throw something together for it.

Sweet!!! Can't stand the Google search, I likes me pickshures... :D

I like the graphical search better, I like the preview of the projects before clicking, saves bandwidth... :)

Whooo! you rock Jayefuu! i like having the graphical search again.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  I have a quite specific question, and I can't seem to figure out why it isn't working... I thought you might be able to help.
When I type "youtube" into my URL bar, it used to direct me straight to Youtube.com. But since McAfee has made some changes, it's been directing me to this URL


(Obviously a sponsorship of some kind)
Not quite a big deal, but it's enough to seriously bother me, especially since Yahoo isn't my default search... and it didn't used to act this way.

I tried pasting the above URL into the "include pattern" box, and using Youtube's URL for the "redirect to" box, but it still sends me to the Yahoo search. Any help?

When you install McAfee it adds a yahoo bar to your browser (annoyingly). You can uninstall it by going to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions and uninstalling the yahoo toolbar. Alternatively if you want to use redirector: Include pattern box: http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=mcafee&p=(*) Redirect To: http://www.youtube.com Pattern Type: Regular Expression I'd go for uninstalling yahoo just out of principal though :p

Argh stupid default non rich editor. Hope you can make sense of that, it nommed up all my line breaks. :(

I understood it all alright... Still couldn't get it to work. I tried pasting the first URL into the Include pattern box, but Redirector wouldn't close after that, after I clicked the "Test" button it gave me some kind of error, I think it had to do with the asterik.

I would just uninstall the toolbar, but it includes SiteAdviser into my searches ( which include non-yahoo), which is really helpful. Right now, I think Mcafee is looking like a PUP, something it most certainly should not be. Those jerks. I looked under my tools box under the McAfee addon, it won't even let me edit options... :(

Thanks anyways.

Try adding "http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=mcafee&p=youtube" to the include pattern box.

Still didn't work, it was actually the first thing I tried. :( Thanks for all your help, just let me know if I'm getting on your nerves.

Thank you, I was annoyed by the search too. I also liked the older home page design from two designs ago.

Everyone needs to try this!

Well I was hoping for a more excited response from more people. Been a while since I posted and the only person that replied was something that I sent a message to their OB :p

See? All you needed was a little patience :-)

Ahhhh I get it. It didn't like my open and close angle brackets. Stupid html editor :p

Fine I'll do it this way...

*insert nachomahma here with appropriate youtube video response*

You may need to wait until more people are at their home computers, and able/allowed to install things of their choice.

So can YOU access it from work?

Well, yes, but that's because I work at home, and my work machine *is* my personal MacBook.

It worked great, and I'm also thinking about other applications it might have on other websites.

I tried it, and so far it works great! Thanks!

Now all I need is a default for the rich text editor.

You'll have to wait until I learn javascript for that one. Greasemonkey could probably fix that.

Okay. I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. :-P

WOOHOO! I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU! I HATE the google search results and have been completely annoyed with it for ages. I am SO glad you figured this out! 5 Stars for you!

I use Opera... ...although it doesn't bug me that much to click a button... =)