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Setting up a Led light strip with 44key IR remote to a powerbank battery pack? Answered

I am wanting to set up a 1M long RGB led light strip with a 44key IR remote with a working input voltage of 12V DC, working power of 36W/5M and 5A/5M, there are 60 LEDs/M. I would like to try to use my Duracell Power bank, that has an input and output of 5V dc and is a 2200mah batter pack. If I need to I can buy another battery pack, it needs to be smaller as its for a longboard for lights underneath, My main question is, Is this possible to set up? and what is the easiest Way to do it? Any help would be great, Thanks.

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iceng (author)2014-10-27

Sounds like it should easily work very well.

Unless the people who designed it were using the AC for some timing reason.

And you are sure it uses 12VDC ?

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seth.beliveau.5 (author)iceng2014-10-27

that is what it states, but I have another lightstrip without the 44key ir remote hooked up to a usb using the Duracell battery pack and it works fine.

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iceng (author)seth.beliveau.52014-10-27

Go for it.


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