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Seven Hovercraft! Answered

Hmm, seven different (but similar) hovercraft projects have been posted with a very short time.

I wonder if somebody is using the site to document their science projects and get them judged by a wider audience?

Why on earth did I not think of that??


Anybody else think that Kiteman's avatar and the muppet picture up top look pretty much the same?

So I'm not seeing double? Phew.

It's a really great idea, and ibles step by step format is perfect for grading!

  • Materials - 10
  • Introduction- 9
  • Presentation- 8
  • Grammar - 10
  • Illustrations - 8
  • Concept - 9
  • Ability to keep the reader interested (theres a word for this....I just don't know it) - 8

That would be a most excellent way to not only give instructables some word of mouth publicity, but also a great demonstration of how the use of internet resources can benefit a class.

I'm all for it! *Goes off to convince school to use instructables*

What about a sort of off-shoot of ibles, with heavily moderated forums and much more stringent content guidelines? Instructables.edu?? Contests could be held for prizes such as books, school supplies, scholarships, etc.

You've seen the Wikipedia-for-schools CD? How about Instructables for schools?

Essentially I'm thinking of a selection of Instructables that can be made with low-cost materials, that demonstrate a selection of scientific principles, that are well written (could be neatened up for inclusion) and don't have any naughty words in them- stuff like Kiteman's air horn, for example. It would be like an online textbook :)

And another thing: A sort of bonus or something......discussing a topic on the forums could make a good assignment, as the students could reasearch and present their opinions without having to stand awkwardly in the middle of class. It would also be a bit more organized. Meh.

Hi guys, I'm the teacher who had my students post their projects here on Instructables. I've been a long time fan of the site and decided to give it a try. My students absolutley loved posting their information here and it was amazingly simple to do. I had them print out their instructable through the .pdf function and turn it in for evaluation.

I like the idea of an education instructables section...

Let me know if I can help or offer any suggestions.

Take care,

Excellent, excellent use of this resource! I guess you were willing to suffer through the ads and such without creating a membership :-)

There are a few discussion groups related to education, including
along with a few specific-discipline science groups (like Physics).

The suggestions below for a "restricted" or "filtered" edition of I'bles for educational use are interesting, but will surely require some development work, and input from educators like yourself (and Kiteman).

9 years ago

I made one of these, the other students and I really liked how we could sign up for instructables account without having to verify our email. Our school makes it nearly impossible to check our private emails. Also it was very easy to make an instructable, we did it all in one class period. Check mine search "Extreme Hovercraft"

Actually, I've thought of this kind of thing myself-and wondered why instructables was not used more widely by educators. You could use the site to teach writing, social skills, science, physics, math, home ec. reading comprehension, etc.

There's also a fair amount of stuff which isn't really appropriate for classroom work -- "adult"-oriented I'bles, forums and discussion threads, and so on. It doesn't bother me, but I'm neither a teenager nor a teacher of them.

Hmm, that's true. Too bad there isn't a type of restricted or censored account for kids/schools...parents/teachers could either generally block certain keywords and areas, or block everything but a few select things, and receive email alerts of ALL activity. Actually, if you modded Zachninme's script, and/or with appropriate browser settings and possibly firewall or netnanny type software settings, it should be feasible...

Too bad there isn't a type of restricted or censored account for kids/schools...parents/teachers could either generally block certain keywords and areas, or block everything but a few select things, and receive email alerts of ALL activity.

*sings* Iiiiiiideeeeaaaaa.

The site is filtered by schools (at least round here).

There are certain pages that trigger the filters and will not be displayed by the school network.

I can get on ibles at school, just can't check the recent ones.. :D Although, I can search for ibles and such..

Speaking of patterns, there are many people who posted on this topic that have Muppets as their avatars.

I noticed that too!

Neat, more classes should do this.

Yes, why didn't you think of that?

They're up to eight, now, and some of the "action" photos look like they're all in the same school gym. If I'bles is being used as a classroom resource, I think that can only do good, for the kids and for the site :-)

I'm wondering the same thing.