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Several questions Answered

1) My 'ible is suddenly getting several hit a minute. With a past 'ible, a similar thing happened, and I looked at the stats, and determined that it was because A) My 'ible was featured/popular and B) my 'ible had been linked to on a high-traffic site. This is not the case with this 'ible, as far as I can tell. My 'ible is the "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" one. 2) Please explain the "stats" "referrers" for me. How are they ranked/chosen/listed? 3) I am getting a lot of referrers with addresses like this one: by114w.bay114.mail.live.com. What is this? 4) I am not very computer savvy, please humor me. I am not complaining about the huge jump in hits, I am just looking for an explanation.


Hi everyone, I'm new to this great site and have found some usefull information. My question is, ' how do I post a question within a specific forum'? Thanks in advance.

Go to the forum and hit "New Topic." Sorry it wasn't more obvious.

1) Probably just a well-searched for topic. Maybe it got ranked high by google. 3) People who subscribe to feeds and news aggregators visit the page, and come from those weird urls. A sure sign of this is when you get a login page.

Thanks. Why after being published for a few weeks would it make this huge jump all of a sudden? Like in one day? It went from a couple hundred of hits a day to over 4,000 today.

You're welcome.

Like I said, my guess is that people have started searching for it, for whatever reason. Also, you were featured on this blog, and people on facebook and twitter are apparently linking to you - maybe you're making the rounds of those sites (I wouldn't know, I'm not on them...).

I've noticed this also - hits seem to be a bit exponential in nature sometimes. One person links to it, then another, and each person sends it to two friends, etc, till all of a sudden you have a lot of hits!

Or idk, maybe with this economy more ppl are just googling how to make artisan bread. :-)

Wait. AHA! I think I found it - you're on stumbleupon! Congratulations, man! That'd be my guess as to the larges contributer of hits.

Thanks again. It must be stumbleupon. The blog is from a buddy of mine, and is pretty small as of yet, mostly a friends-and-family thing.

You're welcome. Ah, I see. Haha. Looked good to me - I think I just found a new addition to the blogs I check out daily...