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Sewing up a bean bag sofa/bed...Filler ideas??? Answered

Got the "beans"...cheap!!! Now easiest way without getting the "beans" all over to fill my Sofa/bean bag bed??? I have over 30 cu ft of "beans" to try and get into my "bean" bag sofa/bed...


Just use dry rice, its really easy!

use thermocol beads/ beans...

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http://www.foambymail.com/Accessories.html#Shredded Foam


9 years ago

I wonder if a bean bag manufacturer like Sumo would just sell you a "refill." Couldn't hurt to contact them and find out...

they do but its crazy expensive, last i checked its $50 for 3 cubic feet


9 years ago

Have you checked out sourcing ideas from dan's beanbag sofa bed Instructable? Here's what he has to say about sourcing:

where to get the beans! you will need a lot of beans, so the best thing is to find a local styrofoam (EPS) products manufacturer. try the website epsmolders.org to find a list of EPS manufacturers around the country. getting the beans will be a fun excursion unto itself, as you can see below. the technical term for what you want is "expanded polystyrene beads" or "EPS beads" for short. usually they will have both new beans ("virgin beads"), and used beans ("regrind"). virgin costs about 10x as much as regrind, usually more than you'll want to spend on some lunatic project you read about on Instructables. my local foam mfr (Bay Foam in Hayward CA) sells 35 cubic foot bags of regrind for $10 each. they had a huge mountain of them behind their factory! the fancy places online that sell beanbags will tell you that virgin beads have a better feel in the beanbag, but my sofa seems perfectly nice with the regrind. remember: regrind = recycling!

how to find a styrofoam products maker! they do not seem to like to list themselves under "foam" in the phone book, that seems to be reserved for the lowly urethane-foam folks only! instead you'll want to look under "packaging & shipping materials" or whatever else they might be making out of styrofoam, such as architectural trim.

my mum has taken the green option and refilled one of hers with lots pf crushed polystyrene (sp?) saved from various packaging. its green and free!

My grandmother did something similar. She tore up styro meat trays (after washing thoroughly, of course!) as well as any other styro that came to the house. Mostly this was done in the evenings when she was watching TV. She was really good at finding ways to get things dones for cheap or free, having been a young wife and mother during the U.S. Dust Bowl years in the 1930's ala "The Grapes of Wrath". She lived to be 100 years old.