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Sex MACHINE! Answered

The robots have gone back in time and taken over the funk!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I listened to a ton of James Brown during my senior year in college and seeing a sci-fi/JB mashup is amazing to me. I also re-fell in love with "Appetite for Destruction" the same year. It was a good time.


I now wish to see what happens when robots and I feel good are mixed, mainly because I have a habit of seeing how many people in a small space can be made to sing it at once...

I hope to open a franchise selling all kinds of James Browns clones in differrent outfits and with diverse "cyber"-attachments.

Those weren't cyborg babies, those were Borg babies!

Hurm? My Star Trek knowledge is terrible, but aren't borg a subset of cyborg? Is there a difference?

[http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Cyborg+(Cybernetic+Organism%3B+Star+Trek+Universe) Cyborg (Cybernetic Organism; Star Trek Universe)]

If you start discussing Star Trek ephemera in a serious tone, you've watched way too much of it!

*chuckle* Aye capt'n.

I might be described as one that stands on the line between "someone that knows all the episodes by name" and someone that has seen the effects it has had on product development ;-)

I don't attend "conventions" (and have no desire to) but have baffled a few "fan(atic)s" on occasion with a bit of trivia, but yeah I agree, one that posts Star Trek breloque in a forum entitled Sex Machine, one has to have been too engrossed in the show, at least, at some critical portion of their young development LOL

Hahaha, thanks for posting that :p Why do our future overlords have a vagina for a mouth? o.0 (see video at 39 seconds remaining). I would have thought manic robots - or some species of genetically modified future corn would be our eventual superior overlords :p

I like it because :
1 - I used to listen James Brown few years ago too
2 - I'm fascinated by Cyborgs =o)

Nice twist =o)

Bump because I watched it again and it's still good.