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Shadow Man 39- the next Kitman. Answered

Alright, to start the topic off, I'd like to tell you about an incident 2 years ago, that actually happened a few months before I found the instructables website, but Kiteman has told me all the major details.

Apparently, in this incident, someone made an account called "Kitman" and pretended to leave as a joke.

Now, a similar incident is happening.  A member called "Shadow man39" impersonated the real Shadowman39, and he also pretended to leave (look at my orangeboard). 

I posted this topic because someone else (Original name started with RC, now it's "The Ch(something)", idk how to spell it.) can't do it.  So I'm doing it for him.


3 impersonators in 2 years? Just flag the guy, or PM... Who are we supposeds to PM again? Now I'm starting to feel like I have an impersonator of my own. I'm gonna check. *checks members and turns on TV* I checked:
nutsandbolt_64 (hmm, haven't tried that one)
and a whole lot more...

3 impersonators?  IAC has had at least 6 impersonations, then Dsman had 3, I've had a few, and a lot more.

That's just dumb...


8 years ago

i hate clones!

Thanks DJ.  I should ask the admins why I can't post forums again.

Kitman was essentially harmless - he hasn't stirred in over two years.

I'm saying this is similar to the Kitman incident 2 years ago.

Who would ever do such a thing?!

Maybe the impersonator really hates shadowman...?