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Shameless self promotion Answered

I'm not sure why I waited so long to post about this but something pretty cool happened to me because of my last contest entry. I entered mySolar Thermally Pumped Hydroponic System in the "keep the bottle" contest. For some reason I didn't win ;-), however, shortly after the contest I received a PM. The PM was from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, they were putting on a conference on Ecological Urbanism and they wanted my project to go on display for six weeks. I, of course, was honored and after negotiating an enormous fee (j/k) I shipped the project up to them.
Recently while looking for some more info on the subject I stumbled across their Flickr Pool and two photos of my project.

I have to say, it's almost fantastic that a project, composed primarily of empty soda bottles could go from my backyard to the halls of Harvard.

And, obviously, this would never have happened if Instructables didn't exist, so my heartfelt appreciation to Eric and the fine people behind the scenes of the website.

So without further ado, the pictures.


Sweet. (Shame that the intelligent people at Harvard don't know how to rotate an image.)

odd thing, it's okay on flickr, it's okay on my computer, it's not okay on instructables ;-)

That's awesome, sir! :D

Well Done ! :-)

. Woot!
. As for your title, I'm reminded of what Walter Brennan used to say on an old TV show - "No brag. Just fact." IMNSHO, you have every right to feel proud. Enjoy your 15 minutes. ;)
. Plus, it's good promotion for Ibles when a member gets to be "famous." (I hope they mentioned Ibles in the display. Can't tell from the pics.)


Congrats, thats awesome

That's awesome! I'm glad you got some recognition from it.

They seem to have put your display right above the trash can...

Congrats, that is pretty cool. Do you get an honorary degree from them or at least a certificate that your stuff actually went to Harvard?


Dear diary, today I got a PM. Little did I know that its contents would.....


9 years ago

Very cool and congratulations!


9 years ago