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Share the Love Speed Contest is Closed. Vote! Answered

The Share the Love contest is closed for entries! Voting continues until Thursday at noon PST.

As a reminder, voting is done by giving an Instructable a positive rating. The list of Instructables can be seenhere


I am not one to be overly partial to anyone, I am probably the least competitive person I know, but I do have to say that, after looking at all the things in this category, I like this particular one the best, for a lot of reasons. I am just kind of sad that is it not being discovered... *sigh*

Yeah, there are a lot of good ones that haven't been found. I think maybe because of the new contest page format and the overwhelming amount of entries people give up on going through all of them. :P More than anything, though, I'm upset about all the downvoting and ballot stuffing going on.

Well, you know, back when people still had the option! :P I watched many instructables go up and down in the ratings, including mine. But then again, people might have been downvoting because they were upset I was winning in ratings or just because they found my instructable offensive, haha. Oh well. :)

There was a funny corollary to that. Some people were making multiple accounts to vote their own Instructables down. This was to hide how well they were doing.

HA! Wow, people confuse me. I knew there were some shady birds about, but that's really weird. :P

I know. :) I just figured since you were commenting on the contest, I'd comment too!

Or maybe they're mad that you only showed your knee ;-)

Yeah, I was just partial to the message of the that one...bringing Autism awareness out into the open

Either I'm confused, or I've found a bug -

I thought that people who clicked the + rating ended up on the list of "They Like It".

However, the top rated entries in the Love contest are rated in the nineties, whilsy showing only around 15 people as "Liking It".

What have I missed?

That's as many as ever get shown for any Instructable.

Are you going to open a new contest after that? Maybe that one, you know, that one.

I'm guessing near in organisation and far in time.

Or maybe far in time and near in geography.

Or maybe somebody is deliberately trying to confuse us. Well, me anyway.

OH! Is it that time-travel day thing!?

Oh no! Well, basically I have nothing left.

Never fear, I have entered, but only because I was making something anyway.

Yet again, it's a good set of entries.