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Share your ideas on how to make a motorbike helmet that looks like a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader? Answered

A Star Wars style moto helmet would be so unshakeably awesome that every road user to see you would come to a stop, jaws dropped and shaking violently. This is what we want.


1. Should closely resemble a ST or DV or should recreate the feel of the characters in the films.

2. Should be as safe as a normal helmet, of course.

3. That's it!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Why not make a Darth Vader cover for a helmet?

The helmet remains unmodified and safe, and you slip a light-weight plastic cover over the top, like a skin for an iPod.

do what kiteman seid and use kydex, its a good easyly moldable plastic... but i dont think they make white, you would have to paint it with plastic paint for best quality.

Here's a Stormtrooper motorcycle helmet with minimal modding (mainly using paint and stickers) although the visor visibility is cut down:


as with the comments above though - safety first!

As a Motorcycle rider of 30 years experience ( Yeah Yeah an old fart!) I would suggest trying to find a helmet produced 24 yrs ago...... or its modern equivalent. It was made by a company called "SIMPSON" and the model name was 'Alien"

Some UK Bike sites may still have em or newer models....

I would STRONGLY suggest against Modifying your own Helmet if you are going to use it on the street...... you DO only get ONE Skull, and ONE Life ya know...... It does not take much of a blow to take that life away from you, and if the integrity of a helmet is weakened by modifying it, then you could end up dead, or worse, a brain dead living person who depends on others for help.

Think about it OK?

Remember Mark Hamill's words, "I can't see a ting in this helmet..."

I agree with martynbiker but you should also look at your street regulations or if you live in the U.S.A. department of transportation rules for motorcycle helmets and it should say the dimensions right there, but remember that be safe and dont do anything stupid and throw your life away. you only have one
wish you well