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Share your most embarrassing or funniest story. Answered

Confess! You have been guilty of a faux pas at some point in your life. My "dope!" moment was when I responded one night to a work order to the campus police station. I went to the officer's lockers and saw what looked like a small cologne bottle. The bottle was painted black and had no label. I sprayed the contents directly on my face thinking that I was going to smell good. I did not know that it was mace and, that I just sprayed it in my face. I was incapacitated for a few minutes. I was found by my coworkers, blinded and disoriented, trying to find my way around! I was the butt of a joke for quite a while. Well, when you too stop laughing, you may start confessing. 



One time when i was like 5 or 6 i was at a movie theater and they were doing raffles. The guy up front with the ticket barrel pulled out a ticket and called the number. No one had it.

"Going once! Going twice! Going three times!" he said.

To my little brain, that meant, "This prize is up for grabs, since no one is taking it!"

After this realization, I promptly jumped up and hollered, "YES!!!" Keep in mind that this was in a room of 300-400 people.

I made everyone's evening a bit more interesting :P

Farted while doing CPR:0 lol beatt that

Once, coming back from my high school, at the end of the block I saw a huge German shepperd. I crossed the street to walk on the other sidewalk when I noticed that the dog also crossed the same sidewalk. I knew that if I ran, the dog would have chased me, so I took my backpack to protect me from the dog's bite. When the dog got close I was prepared for the worst, when all of a sudden the dog jumped on my leg and started humping my leg. I had a hard time shaking this huge dog off me. Everyone driving by started screaming that "we should get a room".

I was whaked in the forehead with an aluminum baseball bat :P

What did you do to make someone so mad at you? :-)

I was just behind the person when he was swinging, completely accidental.