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Sharing Pro Membership With Spouse Answered

Is it possible to share my pro account with my spouse, where she has her own saved instructables and log in?
For example, at our greeting card website, American Greetings, I can add my spouse and my son (up to 5 household members) to my account with their own login and calendar reminders.  With Netflix, we can add each member of the family and we each have our own cue for things we want to watch. 
If we cannot do this at this time, I would like to recommend this as a future feature to add.  My wife and I both enjoy Instructables, but it's silly to pay for 2 accounts when we are sitting together anyway.  The ideal situation would be what American Greetings offers, the ability to add my household members under a master account that allows them their own individual login and storage folder.  If you create this where any purchases are tied to the master account, it will help reduce fraud as people won't want others using their credit card. 
I've never asked a question here.  I sure hope I get a notice when this is answered and where to find the answer!  Thanks for your time and consideration.


I'm afraid not.

You don't need to pay to access the site - a free membership gets you access to all the content a paid-for account does.

If you post an instructable that gets Featured, you get a free Pro account that you can use yourself, or gift to another.

I had completely forgotten about this as I wrote it over 2 years ago. I understand we don't have to pay, but it is nice having all the instructions on one page or what ever it was. I can't remember the reasons we bought pro! haha At the time it seemed worth it and we wanted to support the site, so we just kept it up. So I stand by my original request that a family member be able to tag off another family member. I can save my favorites, she saves hers. I can ask my questions, she can ask hers, etc. Make it part of a pro feature and you might have more people signing up for the pro version and supporting the site. It's a great site and we enjoy it!

2 Years? Oh, I see, e-mel bumped it up the forums, and I didn't see the publish date.


2 years ago

yes! i second this inquiry and would love to see the feature added if not available. or at least a response from a team member/ admin here.