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Sharing a home telephone line through the internet? Answered

Hi geeks :) I have this thing in my mind that I want to put into practice.
I don't know where to start. I searched couple of things in google but didn't get any answers to help me to start my project.

I was thinking to use my uncle's second home telephone line which is not in use at the moment.
The thing is that I live 10km away from his house and he has this thing that he is able to talk limitless to foreign countries :)
So I'm wondering: is there anyway to connect or to reach my uncle's second line through internet?
I thought maybe I can use the second telephone line by setting up the right equipment like creating two servers one at my uncle's house and one at my house.

Any ideas are appreciated! 


I see what you want to do.
Try this.
use a voice modem as a dialer controlled by a internet connected PC at the land-line connection
install remote PC software and configure it for the Land-line location PC
install the same remote PC software on a the location of the PC you plan on using to call your uncles Dial out PC
verify you have mic and audio control of the remote PC

Ever heard of Skype?

Ah you beat me to it. :-) Also there are services in the USA like Magic Jack and Vonage.

wow with Vonage 55 american dolars for unlimited mobile phone calls to foreign countries! that's really good. I wish there were something like that at that price in Germany.

I think so. It is the most expensive sip client :) I'm using Nonoh.

If you're calling other Skypers, it's free...