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Sharir1701 Knex Gun Videos To Be Removed Answered

Hey guys!

If you don't know me, this probably won't interest you much, so go right ahead.
On the other hand, if you do know me, I just wanted to make a short announcement for the sake of clarification and understanding. Again, if you know me, then you would have known that I used to make innovative style Knex guns and I was quite the messy builder. I had a few good guns along the line (REMPAR, all S-series, M17s), and some pretty horrible ones too (SABR, FPMG, SAR5). I've stopped building for over a year now, and I'm pretty confident I'm not going to go back to it. I still have all my Knex boxed up somewhere, but I won't be using it in the conceivable future. Now, I'm sure not many of you know this, but I've started not so long ago, to be a small YouTuber. I post almost exclusively MineCraft content, of all shapes and sizes, and I am quite passionate about that. Now, the old Knex videos I have on my channel are all unlisted, so that nobody on my channel can find them, but you guys here can still watch them if necessary. For a couple months now I've been watching the analytics for my Knex videos and it seems like almost no one at all is still watching them, which seems very reasonable, as they're quite old and most people have already seen them. I don't REALLY mind them being there, but I would prefer to remove them, as I have absolutely no interaction with them, and as it appears, nobody does, really. So, I've decided to remove them from my channel.
I'm not going to go straight ahead and remove them right now, no. What I've decided to do is to post this forum topic letting anybody who's interested know about this, and consider it for a second. So, my point is, if there's anybody who would like me to keep those videos up, for some reason, please tell me down below. I will make my final decision in two weeks from now, on January 15th (-ish). Just a little bit of advice, if anyone wants to see any of my videos for the last time, it would probably be a good idea to do so now, and that's also part of the reason I'm posting this.

I'd just like to point out that me taking these videos down has no other implications on my Instructables account. All my 'ibles will remain as they are, but just without the videos. I'm probably going to forget to even take the embedded videos off if I do delete them from YouTube.

So, once again, let me know if you really want me to keep them, if you're still interested, go watch them now, and lastly, have a happy new year and an amazing day!


I can understand your sentiment, and here is what I would do... DON"t delete them. If you delete them, they will be no longer accessible by the K'NEX community, and I don't want that. Here is what you should do. Hide them. Make them private so that only the people with the URL's (web links / online address) can see them. This way I can link new builders to your You Tube videos... Do you understand me, my friend?

Alright, you have a good point, and so does Kiteman... I'll just leave things as they are... Making them private doesn't differ much from unlisted though, so I don't mind leaving them as is.


Don't forget, folk get into K'NEX for the first time every day, so every so often you will get new flushes of viewers, just waiting to be inspired.

You'll be back. I build maybe once every few months and often don't come out with anything, but I do have my K'nex around and I'll occasionally try something when all my other hobbies aren't cutting it. You can never truly be too busy.

Anyway, just do what I did, keep them unlisted and that way any links to any of the videos will still work. If anyone has a request, post it here and you can provide the link.

Nah dude... I have lost all interest and I don't have my Knex around for a year now and I haven't felt the slightest desire to build... I've just moved on :/ Sounds stupid but actually I really am extremely busy and way to passionate about my new hobby

So you're not going to build with K'nex anymore? That's too bad. I thought you were an innovative builder, although you used a little too many broken pieces in my opinion. ;D

I often don't build for weeks at a time or months, but I will always return to them sooner or later when either I have nothing to do or everything is boring. So I hope that you will stay.