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Shaving: Electric vs. Manual Answered

Alright so here goes the argument: Which method of cleansing your face from unwarranted hair and stubble is better? The age old shaving with a disposable razor and your favorite cream, or perhaps using a more expensive but quicker and safer electric, even if you get a not as close shave. Let's see what you have to say...


I'm an internet tough guy, I shave with a broken beer bottle dipped in kerosene.

With an electric razor you don't have to use cream, this cuts time (at least for me) by almost half.

Ahh I see, the couple of times i tried electric i spent so much time trying to get a decent shave I gave up. I prefer a blade, but having a beard it doesn't take but a moment to shave.

I used an electric one once upon a time, made me itch like a rabid dog with fleas and a pink umbrella. I find the old straight razors very appealing, with their antique-ish beauty and whatnot, though the safety and maintenance issues are dissuading. -cut your face open, then wipe your razor on a leather strap so it's sharp for the next time you cut your face open-

'disposable razor' LOL *heh heh heh* Oh, dear me...

I use a disposable razor but w/ water instead of shaving cream. Actually.. sometimes I don't even use water, I just shave dry w/ a disposable... I dunno, seems to work for me =).

Same here... I normally just dry shave... Ever tryed a bit of talcum powder..?

I have very coarse facial hair combined with sensitive skin...
All shaving creams irratate my skin, even the sensitive ones.
I know it seems weird but I have been dry shaving using talcum powder instead of cream... does not irritate my skin and allows the blade to cut the hair better... Weird but it work's...

Anyway's got a phillishave for christmas and the electric gives me a far closer shave than a disposable..

Seems like the only way you can get a really close shave with an electric is to get a really expensive shaver.

Or not so expensive... te he! ;) My mother insisted on purchasing me a present this year.. After browsing for a while, she mistook the new expensive model of the phillishave for the standard one she had just seen for a much lower price in another store... After inquiring about the price difference, the manager beat the other store's price and mum got 2 top of the range digital Phillip's shaver's for the budget version's price... When she realised what she had accidentally done, she was very impressed with her buy.... So was I.. :) thanks mum..!


10 years ago

i use a 4-blade manual, but the real way - cream (not foam) and brush. electrics are for wimps, disposables don't work well, and foam gives you a crappy shave. but, thats just my opinion...

I use a manual razor. Well, I don't have a ton of hair to shave off my face, so it suits my fancy just right.

I currently use the triple bladed one with the disposable head. I was hooked on electric for a long time until my neck started to break out *shrug*

One of the reasons I was hooked on electric when younger was the only other choice, besides a straight razor, was the infamous "safety razor" which could remove a sizable chunk of you lip if you weren't careful.....yes, experience is speaking there. Good ole razor "blades".

Haha! That happened to me, on christmas none-the-less, using a 3-bladed disposible.... I was going wayy to fast. ...it was bleeding for an hour >.>

I haven't done that for a long time :-) The safety razor (so called) was only safer then the straight razor, it was hardly safe. Now, with the newer razors, I only "raze" pimples (yeah, I still get them now and then).

Haha. My face is blemish-ful... but at least they stop bleeding :P

I'd like to learn to use a straight razor.

Practice, a lot, and with balloons. You may go through a lot of balloons, but they don't bleed to death LOL

I used to use an electric, but it was worthless and pulled more hair than it cut. So now I use a manual one, and while it takes longer, gets a much nicer shave. Unfortunately, it is dull now, and I don't want to have to spend half of my life savings for another pack of blades.


10 years ago

I have rather fine and soft hair, and an electric only cuts it well when it is just the right length, while a manual does fine regardless. So I mostly use the triple-blade manual (disposable head), dry (fine, easy-to-cut hair...) When I was younger I would occasionally shave with just a double-edged razor blade (no razor at all.)