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Shell ejecting airgun?? Answered

Im making an marble air gun just like the one the teach you how to do at sentex.net and i was wondering if anyone could give drawings on how to make the marble gun eject shells? Is it possible on a home air gun? Please tell me beucause it would be really nice if i could eject shells on my homemade marble gun. And not only that but another question as well: Can i make bullets myself from melted tin? EDIT: I just made some drawing and i was wondering what your openion is.


Well you put a shell in it... Or are you asking how to amke shells for it? W/ref bullets, use lead (roofing, wheel-balancing weights, fishing-weights) or solder? L

I´m asking how to amke shells for the gun. And i kinda liked to know how i could pop the shell up in the air like on a real shotgun our airshotgun. Example: Termanator shotgun. "Is it bolt action?" Yes it is bolt action. Just google building a marble air gun.

OK, how would these shell be different to the marbles? What do you want these shells to do?
Please see NachoMahma also


The shell would have a bb in it. After the bb´s gone from the shell, the shell would pop up. Just for fun. The shells just for fun. For display.

Im making a somewhat similar thing for a prop gun to use in film, i live on an island where guns are illegal, making bullet shells hard to come by, my solution was to take a dead AA battery and strip the cover off. what you get is a plain cylinder with dull metal case. You could spray paint it brass from there if you'd like.

. If you're using .177 or .22 BBs, then lemonie's idea of using .22 brass will probably work, though you may have problems efficiently transferring energy to the projectile. . If you have a larger caliber, then most cartridges are center fire and will have a hole for the primer that you may be able to use to eject your bullet.

The easiest way to do this would be to mod a real .22 automatic weapon, and find some real (empty) shells. Difficult either way. L

. I'm confused. Do you want to make faux shotgun shells out of Tin, or do you want to make "marbles" for ejection down the barrel while a "shell" is ejected out the side? Tin will probably be too heavy for anything close to 12ga size. Even a .410 size Tin slug is going to be awful heavy. Aluminum might be better and would be easy to obtain (beverage cans). . Or are you wanting to cast your own bullets for a "real" gun? Pure Tin is much too hard for bullets. Bullets are mostly Lead or other soft metal. . Not to mention the dangers of handling molten metal of any sort. Not something for the beginning DIYer.