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Shift Mosfet and H-Bridge for Arduino Question? Answered

Hi guys, Im Rinozen.. Im newbie on Arduino and Electronic ^_^

Anyway, can you guys please help me? Look at the schematics i've uploaded. Are there something wrong about the track? And what value for the Resistors and Capacitors for the right choice?

Sorry about my english ^_^

Thanks for reply... :)


What MOSFETs are you using, what supply rail are you using ?

i want to make this circuit can run on 9-12V.. can you tell me what mosfet and resistors i can use?

If you use MOSFETS, you don't need the resistors. You DO need logic level mosfets, but you haven't said how much current you want to handle.

...OR you use a ULN2803 chip, which, if you currents are less than 1A, and the voltage is less than 36 can be had for less than a dollar.

dude, thx for reply.. sorry, but im still a dumb.. is logic mosfet need no pull-up resistor? and no, i want this circuit can handle max 30A and max 12V or maybe more than 12V.. please tell me what mosfet i can use.. :)

1 other question, what couple P-Channel for RFP30N06LE