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Shipping options to germany Answered

maybee someone can help me :-)
We want to order several DecTop computers
( https://store.dataevolution.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DT%2D7001&CartID=2 )
to germany, and they offer only airmail.
shipping costs will be taxed here too, the shipping equals tow thirds of the units costs :-(
Can anyone name a way to ship multiple devices (~5lbs packed idd guess) to germany?
Shipping speed is no issue at all, so it could be delivered by ship, bike or dove.

The usps site was very confusing since every link regarding additional information forwarded me to a table of contens with no relation to the term I was looking for.


@Fungus amungus: Thanks, but I've been on the shipping calculator, it does not offer prices for ground/ship and larger packages :-( @Kiteman: Hehe, or as someone that wants to order one with us suggested, buy a last minute plane ticket and pick them up :)

They don't look that big. I'd say that you should get them delivered to a friend in New York and fly in to pick them up. That or call the store and ask for a freight option.

Yep; 7.5 pounds, small box. Unfortunaly I dont have anyone I know in the USA except for family, and the situation is a bit tight. I also mailed the company about shipping options, but no response yet. If we order more then 15 or so units, flying there would be an option, and even a cheap motel and overcharge for the weight will be cheaper then shipping ;-) But its redicoulus, there must be a cheaper way.

Get them shipped to Squidlabs, enter the Hallowe'en contest, win the top prize, then pick them up yourself - simple! (All you'll have to pay then is excess baggage allowance.)

. I've used USPS to ship small packages (< 1 lb) from US to IL. If that's too expensive (or confusing), then FedEx, DHL, &c; should be able to handle it.

UPS and Fedex where very expensive, and the DHL site confuses me :) I thought I might miss some companies or such which are not so common here. USPS seems to be the cheapest solution, but I cant find andy international ship/ground fees.