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Shocks w/ electro magnetics Answered

Hello Every one this is my first post, and since I am a full time student, full time para legal and full time parent, I'm just going to throw this idea out there and let others build on it. Its just an idea that I have had for years. Concerning electro magnets and shock absorber for your average car. Let me know your thoughts. My main thought is that the magnets would be working with reverse polarity add in electricity and you have a pretty good repelling force for going over those bad Jersey roads. Let me know your thoughts.


Bose Shock Absorber System

Yep, from the same people that make stereo equipment. What's really cool - with proper sensors and feedback, the system can make the car literally jump over small bumps.

I saw a picture once of a car with the bose system. It was perfectly level over bumps and potholes. Because of the sensors the wheel doesn't sink into holes.

why not make the roads using one polarity and the bottom of the cars using the other -- HOVER CARS ... w00t

There's a US patent.
But I'm not sure if it's actually gets built.

Electromagnetic Shock Absorber

As for magnetically levitated vehicle, the Maglev Train is a good working example. The train is levitated and propelled using synchronized polarity changes of the electromagnets on the tracks.

so as other ppl have stated, if the electromagnets lost power, the vehicle would hit the ground. What's the case with the Maglev? What happens if the track or the bottom of the train loses power?

depends on the maglev system ;) Many maglev systems require wheels to operate at slower speeds (levitation occurring once a certain velocity is reached).

I was bored one day and made a smaller version with two normal magnets -no electromagnet needed. BTW its already been done

. Electro-magnets that are strong enough to suspend a car's weight are going to take a LOT of power (and probably be very heavy). And you lose your suspension if you lose power - not something you want to happen at cruising speed. . It would probably work, but I don't think it would be feasible.

. heehee I guess I read that wrong. I interpreted "Concerning electro magnets and shock absorber" to mean a mag suspension plus shock. Sorry about that, Chief.

I can see it now.....at 65 mph, a fuse blows and Boom, one is suddenly bottomed out on all four of the shocks. Scary...