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Shoe Suggestions? Answered

Hello all you in the Instructables Community. I need a new pair of shoes. They need to be casual yet can withstand the outdoors. I would like them to be in a reasonable price range though. I would prefer them to be in style if possible. If you have any suggestions that would be great! Thanks, joespicnictables

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salomon1996Best Answer (author)2013-09-11

Hey Jospicnictables, Here is my shoe suggestion: 
They look like there in style, have a good price, and would fit you nicely! :) -Salomon

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Aditya K Mehta (author)2016-07-26

Hi I am glad you are heading for shoe
shopping, lucky u…Anyways my suggestion for you is to go for
loafers in blue or beige rather than regular black. They are super
comfy and stylish, you can wear them when heading towards meetings or
interview and they are your best friend when going for casual outings
too. The best part about wearing loafers is, no fear of tripping over
laces..kool isn’t it? And one more thing before I forget, there is
an upcoming shoe portal named Shoemuch.com where you can find vast
variety of shoes including loafers. Will share the link once it is
launched. Happy shopping!

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blkhawk (author)2013-09-11

You can get loafers or moccasins. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Make sure that they come with anti-skid soles and arch support to use them comfortably.

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rickharris (author)2013-09-11

Where are you? What is your budget? What sort of things do you like.

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I like computers a lot. I also like to running every once and a while and bike a lot.

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framistan (author)2013-09-11