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Shoot .177 ~ .22 cal. pellets from a paintball gun? Answered

I want to be able to shoot .177 or .22 caliber pellets from my Co2 powered paintball gun (single shot or semi-auto, I don't care ). Is this even possible to do without costing a small fortune?  If you have seen the clip on "You Tube" regarding the Castleman's  Air powered .30 cal machine gun you would kind of see what I'm after in a sense.  Any info. or links to the info. would be appreciated. 


You will need a scrap paintgun barrel and any pellet gun barrel of .177 or .22 caliber. It's better if you use an old pump paintgun because you need access to load each pellet although it can be done by muzzle loading. Most paintgun barrels are screw in. The idea is to center the pellet barrel inside the paintgun barrel by whatever means. If you have access to a lathe then making spacers to center barrel will be easy. Don't loose heart if you don't, just draw up the size of the spacers and take to a small machine shop for quote. A somewhat less permanent conversion can be done by stuffing paper between the two barrels to center them at both ends, not the full length. Leave a 1 inch space between barrels at both ends so you can fill with epoxy. You might want to temporarily plug off both ends of the pellet barrel so you don't get epoxy in it. The next step is to take apart the bang or hammer valve that releases CO2 and either replacing the brass spring with a heavier one or putting some washers on existing one to increase the pressure. This is a single-shot conversion but should give you a pellet gun somewhat close to the real deal. Since I have not physically done this conversion myself I cannot guarantee the outcome but logic seems to dictate that it will work. As to the fps, I do not know but you would not have that much time and material into this project.
Another simpler way to shoot pellets is to cut sabbots out of semi-rigid foam with a sharpened metal pipe, cut part way open, insert pellet, stick in paintball gun. This should produce a velocity similar or faster than existing paint balls but accuracy unknown. As always, any info derived from the Internet should be taken with a grain of salt and use at your own risk. When converted, it goes without saying that it is no longer to be pointed at any human. Oh, and please don't shoot pets with ANYTHING!

UPDATE! I have a manual paintball gun that I have modified slightly by removing the feed tube then opening up the area a little for better access to load single lead pellets. Next I found a source for very reasonably priced barrels. I got the idea after visiting Walmart recently which had a Beeman airgun that came with two nicely rifled barrels, both .177 and .22! I went home, googled and found a place to order just the .22 barrel at http://www.archerairguns.com/Beeman-Air-Rifle-Parts-s/55.htm. It was only $30 plus shipping and you get your choice of calibers, .177 or .22! My next step will be to install the .22 barrel, centering it inside the original PB .68 barrel. I am also going to convert propellant from CO2 to HPA so I can up the shot pressure to about 1000lbs. When next your hear from me I will probably have made an "ible" of the process and will include some video of the air gun shooting pellets. After these mods, I will have about $65 total in a custom, high powered air rifle and it goes without saying that it will no longer be pointed at people but instead, targets & small game! Take care, be safe, and happy new year!

you'll need to make a barrell liner that will fit into the paint ball barrell and some sort of loading mechanism.  Will your paintball gun fire if there is no paint ball loaded?  If not then you'll have to figure a way to trick it into doing so.

There are lots of conversion kits for real guns, you might take a look at some of them to see what's there.  I've seen one to convert 45 cal. pistol to 22. and several big rifle cal's converted to 22.  Some to convert shot gun to 22 or other rifle, single shot though.

in a magazine i read about a guy who made a .22 m1 grand out of an old rusty m1

just put a pellet down the barrel and fire, but that will only work for 6mm paintballs

 You need to get a cheap .177 pellet gun (or .22 but .22 is not cheap) and the  thread the inside of the paint ball gun and wrap the new barrel with teflon and screw in in.
To shoot you will need a thin metal dowel (or wood) to use as a loading rod (like musket).



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DONT do it anymore! it gets jammed easily. my friend tried it and it messed it up pretty badly

 If your paintball gun has a removable barrel, you could buy the cheapest barrel you can find for your gun and cut it off a couple inches from the threads and connect a peice of pipe that will fit .177 or .22 cal. pellets.

search barrage barrel exactly what your looking for