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Shooting snickers out of a computer Answered

how do u shoot snickers from a computer


I would use a spring to propell it,


Well, make a hole in the monitor case, then it's just a matter of propellant. You could put a steel rod down the center of the snack item, and use a coil/rail gun type mechanism, a highly pressurized Co2 canister and a dump valve would work. Get a wrist rocket and a solenoid, arm the wrist rocket, load the snack item, and get ready for a snack. Was this intended for rewards purposes, teasing purposes, or maiming purposes?


11 years ago

I am unaware of any expedient means of accomplishing this task. Or in other words: "I don't know, how do you shoot snickers from a computer?" *anticipates bad punchline to joke* Or maybe you're completely serious, which is frightening...