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Available ONLINE: 09/27/08 Tesla: Totally Awesome! HISTORY HACKER show Answered

THIS looks interesting !

By Helen A.S. Popkin
updated 9:05 a.m. ET, Fri., Sept. 26, 2008

Circuit-bending YouTube star Bre Pettis doesn't want you to know that before making his History Channel pilot, he hadn't seen The Prestige.

It's not that he purposely failed to catch Chris Nolan's 2006 adaptation of the steam punk novel about rival magicians starring Batman (Christian Bale) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).

It seems Pettis never got around to it. And by the time he started putting together History Hacker, premiering tonight at 8 p.m. and midnight, it was too late.

...At the turn of the century, electricity was magic, and really, it still is today, Pettis says.

"This (TV show) is for all the curious people out there who want to learn about the electricity that comes out of your wall. You can run a hair dryer from the electricity in your wall generated from a power plant far, far way. That blows my mind."

...Here in the 21st century, Thomas Edison is the go-to guy when most people think of electricity. No wonder, given Edison's gift for self promotion and that he'd go so far as to electrocute kittens in public demonstrations meant to discredit Tesla's AC electricity in favor of his own DC current. (True story!)

The LINK is HERE :-)

To watch the entire show download from here....be forewarned, it is REALLY long....



9 years ago

I caught the last five or ten minutes by chance... My impressions from that limited time: decent production values, straight-forward format (not contrived like "smash lab"), Bre Pettis is a natural, and it was science-y and fun.

Was it on the History Channel ? I somehow could not find it anywhere.

Yes, it was. Friday evening, I think.

it is available online now....if you have a FAST broadband connection....(big download)...see Edited info above.....last link...under the short trailer video

Sigh....then I posted a day late and didn't see the one that was posted Friday ..... rats...

Oh, I HATE smash lab. So stupid. So pointless.

Ditto. The show just doesn't work, for me.

I love it.....has anyone else seen this ad pop up on the right hand side of the screen The TESLA Shield ?

Firstly, will it get shown in the UK? Second, what's the red-head got to do with this?

After a few episodes, you might be able to catch them online.. Just a thought. :-)

The red head is Helen A.S. Popkin :-)

I am not sure what channel it is on to be honest....

At the top of the article: By Helen A.S. Popkin MSNBC

Looks like it will be on the History Channel...

I looked for it but couldn't find it....it must have happened on the 26th, and if so, I missed it :-(

i love the prestige! and uhh... *i don't get this*

On the History Channel (I think) in about 3 minutes my time, they will be airing the first show called History Hacker (by Bre Pettis)

I looked for it but couldn't find it....it must have happened on the 26th, and if so, I missed it too :-(

Guyfrom7up had made the topic much earlier than you. It was on the 26th at 9:00. I found the topic at 9:50. Then I forgot which channel was History Channel here. They told me it would be on again at midnight. I fell asleep waiting.

On the 26th....sigh, no wonder I missed it.....I wasn't home yet.

I looked for it but couldn't find it....it must have happened on the 26th, and if so, I missed it :-(