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Should I Get An ipod Touch 3g 32gig? Answered

I have 300$ and I want to get an ipod touch
 3g, Is it worth the money?



Lol, Just get an Iphone. There 3g and you can make calls on them.

You should get the 8GB.  I was thinking about buying the 32 as well then i realized it is pointless.  8GB is alot too.  I have 6 movies and 3 pages of apps and i havnt even used 2 GB.

16 GB is soo much better than 8. I have one.

Dude, get it. It's for veryone. If you are a big gamer, there's over 100 000 apps you can play. If you like surfing the net, get it. If you like music and videos, get it. If you want useful apps, get it. And the thing is, with 32 GB, you can get ALL this!!! Yay!
But iPhones have more features. (just a little)

I bought the 8G 3rd Generation iPod Touch. I bought mine from Amazon.com because it only cost about $170.00 USD. I don't need to tell you how awesome the iPod Touch is, but it does have it's flaws, such as sometimes the web browsing is slow, or battery life is not so good for gaming. In spit of the minor flaws, I would still recommend the iPod Touch to anyone.

In my opinion you should get the 8G version, and spend the extra money on a good case and apps.

Ok! thanks. But I'm thinking of getting an iPhone, instead.

yes u should, i hav one of the original ipod touches and i am super addicted.
i havent seen the 3gs yet im curious to see wats different.

if u get it and want some app suggestions just ask

I have one and enjoy it.  it's a mini computer basicly.  go on the net with wifi, listen to music, play games.   etc etc etc

Yeah, I know what it is. yeah I want one, they look sooooooooo awesome!

Absolutely it is worth the money.  If you need one.