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Should I be L Lawliet from Death note for halloween even though I'm a girl? Answered

I've seen people cosplaying as L, but I can't find a girl doing it. I really like the series Death Note, but I'm afraid I can't pull off being L for Halloween. I can act like L pretty well, but I dunno if I can look like L. (I'm asian though, so that might help) I have long black hair and slight bangs. But I wear glasses. Any suggestions?


HAHA Please do it! You have no idea how fun it is. My friends and I are obsessed with death note and cosplay as much as possible and we're all girls. So we have L, Light, Matsuda, Near, Mello, Matt, Makami, and B all being played by girls. The girl who plays Mello also plays Misa sometimes but mostly mello.  I'm so excited for halloween!

Im a Girl And Im Going As L ! [=<br /><br />L reminds me of a panda so im gonna mix that idea up seeing as i dont have an L wig :/<br /><br />Im going to wear a panda hoodie it has ears =D - from blue banana<br />White and Black Face Paint - Rings Under My Eyes<br />Blue Jeans<br />Im Also Going To Make a Necklace That Says L On It<br />And Be Carrying a Death Note Or An Apple Around :D<br /><br />Hope This Helped :D x<br /><br /><br />]

I'm a gal, and the one time I dressed up as a guy - as a joke, for a medieval-themed costume party - was perhaps the time I got the most widespread male interest and attention I've ever gotten. Every guy there suddenly seemed very interested in what had happened to my bust, and - was that a rolled-up pair of gym socks stuffed down my pants?

It was indeed a rolled-up pair of gym socks, and my bust was secured in a minimizer bra and then wrapped in the widest ace bandage I could find. I put my hair up under a hat, wore a fake beard, and talked in the deepest voice I could muster. No one thought I was actually a guy, but it worked because I was having fun with it; playing at imitating "manly" behavior and laughing at my own burlesques of "manliness."

For you to do L, I'd suggest:
  • Either a wig, or maybe you could try a very smooth bun at the top of your head with "messy bun" ends poking out all around.
  • If you can't do without your glasses, play them up. Maybe attach frontwards and mirror-image cut-out paper L's - in L's fancy font - to the outer and bottom edges of your frames, or else rig them with tiny lenses and stuff to look like not-quite-completely-concealed spy camera glasses.
  • Wear an ace bandage and/or a minimizer bra, and perhaps also a sleeveless white t-shirt, under L's long-sleeved t-shirt.
  • Not sure about how much sexuality L is supposed to project, or how much you want to project, so will leave the question of what you stuff down L's jeans up to you. :)
  • Concentrate on conspicuously behaving like L (eating sweets, crouching rather than sitting, etc.), rather than worrying to much about looking exactly like L. (After all, that alien over by the punch bowl doesn't really look exactly like an alien - he looks like Orksecurity dressed up in a pretty good alien costume.) (Unless, when we finally do make contact with extraterrestrial life-forms, they turn out to look exactly like Orksecurity dressed up in a pretty good alien costume. :)
  • Are any of L's mannerisms or behaviors uniquely male? If he flirts with the ladies (or gets tongue-tied around them :), or talks sports, or shadow-boxes with other guys, play those up as much as you can.
  • And concentrate most of all on having fun with the character, and with your friends and the party and the holiday. If you are enjoying being L, others will probably enjoy your being L too.

I don't know the character, but cross-gender casting can work perfectly well. If you think you can create a good enough costume/makeup/props combination that people will recognize the character -- or that those of us who don't know the reference will at least recognize that it is a specific references --, go for it.. After all, the whole point of costuming is to become someone other than who you are; if folks can costume as aliens, why not as the only-slightly-alien opposite sex?