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Should I build the BR36?? Answered

Should I build the BR36?? Which is better the BR18 or BR36?? I can build it but should I take the time and pieces?? I just don't want to waste my time and pieces. If I do build what kind of mods should I use??
Thanks, and I will give out best answer.


The br36 is a huge piece hog in the single slot grey connector area it takes OVER 200 of them it requires more of other pieces to to structurally reinforce it. In other words stick with the br18 if you want to sve time and you pieces. Plus you get way less power out of the br36.

Not another ones more than enough build a Giant Rail Gun(GRG) Hey thats what you could call it.On another note how far along on the project gun are you.


8 years ago

Don't build it..

Build the TR-8.


8 years ago

Add a second turret on the back to balance it out. Good luck!


8 years ago

Well, personally, I prefer an 8turret. Mainly because of quicker overall reload, and it's a ton lighter. I'm a pretty small dude. BR36 probably weighs what I do. =p

Knexsayer is heavier than BR36.

Mmk, then Knexsayer weighs <strong>more</strong> than I do.<br />=P<br />

HE'S AN ELF!<br /> <br /> Or a midget...<br />

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BR18 is more compact and more war friendly.  BR36 is too front heavy.

your right. its pretty easy to modify it on your own anyway for the few extra things it needs. pretty much everything that chopstx says

In my opinion i would definetly build the BR18. It uses less peices, and is still a good gun.

I would build the BR18. It may hold less rounds, but it uses less pieces and is more reliable. It is definetly worth it. As for mods, no clue, I never needed em' 'cause it's so great.

In short, BR18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!