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Should I build the Sipriani Rifle 2.0 or the H.A.W.C (highly accurate war crossbow)? Answered

I want something that would be good for shooting at targets from like 50 feet.


DJ Radio

Best Answer 9 years ago


DJ Radio, it's Sip-ri-an-i! Not Sipirani!!! Sigh, everyone (except Sting and some other guys) spells it wrong! XD

why the hell do you gotta leap at me for reversing 2 letters on some foreign word? =P

Sorry, i'm just pissed off 'cause so many people spell it wrong! It's so frikkin' irritating!

it sounds like a foreign word, that may be why.

Touché. Do you know the game GTA: Liberty City Stories? If you don't i'll explain. Well, either way i'm saying it ;) The main character's name is Tony "Cipriani" But i didn't want it to be exactly the same, so i changed the C to an S. And you say it as: Sip - ree - a -nee.

Lol at first glance I thought it was spirani lol... but I've known it as sipriani for about 5 months.

thanks I built them both but yeah sipriani is more fun :D