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Should I get a 3ds? Answered

It looks like it will be cool - but the price is so high! I am not going to buy something handheld gaming that is higher than wii/ipod touch if it might be bad! Should I get it??!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Definitely, it has a higher screen resolution than the original DS. That means games will look more sharper, especially in 3D. You also can opt to turn of the 3D mode of or set it lower. Plus it has a circular pad so your thumbs wont hurt when your getting into a game. It also uses gyroscopic tech so you can tilt it left and right for specific games like to look around a room. Also it has a 3D camera to take 3D pictures. You can also make Mii's and trade with friends. You can even browse the internet. The 3D also has a 3DS store for itself so you can download game add-ons, other peoples Mii's, and even apps. The 3DS will have all the DSI's apps and more. The battery life is confirmed to be 3-5 hours, plus more with the 3D option turned of. Nintendo is also making these special cards that can display 3D things. Imagine having a Pokemon battle on your kitchen table. I can't name all the great features the 3DS has, just because there's so much.

its not 3d at al and it sucks

I would recommend it but if you get headaches easily... well you have heard of the 3-d TV headaches and it sounds worse for 3-d without glasses. but if you dont get headaches easily buy it.

Just get what you want! You can compare them too.

No, get the Ipod Touch! Trust me, it will be worth it. I have friends who have 3ds and they see my Ipod Touch and say they wish they had my Ipod! The Ipod Touch has so many more apps and different functions.

I have an iphone but u said yr friends hav a 3ds!?! It isnt out yet!

I have friends on the inside. They say it's ok. If you have an Iphone then go for it! I think you should get the 3DS.