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Should I get an Xbox? Answered

All the other kids have them and they always talk about them. I don't want to hear why I should get a Play-station. I know its a bad reason to get one but I totally can.  


Whatever. I got one.

The Answer:--
It's all about preference. They both have pros and cons. I would say the PS3.But heres what they both have.PS3: BluRay workable,VERY quiet,1080p gaming,smaller controller-less heavy,support Netflix,has even better security and online gaming since the recent outage and attacks on PSN,playstation plus-where you can get huge discounts and free stuff.XBOX-Very good online gaming services,creating your own avatar,supports netflix,and most hardcore gamers have an XBOX.

But as of cons-the xbox has a very high failure rate compared to the PS3,and that is the Red Ring of Death.Also,if you don't mind a power brick over a power cord,then the xbox may be good. If you get an XBOX,make sure it is well ventilated and in an open area on a desk,and not on cushioning.
For PS3-you can get a yellow light of death-but this RARELY happens to anybody.

With the making of the new XBOX consoles-the failure rate is going down and the RROD isn't as bad as it use to be.
But i would go with the PS3,for online gaming,netflix,hulu,the welcome back package(free ps+ for 30 days),and the ps3 exclusives are good to
If you want to really hardcore game,then a XBOX would probably be a good choice-but both online services are good..

I Have Alienware PC gaming,PS3 BEST !


7 years ago

Once when my kids were little I offered them some ice cream. They all said yes, but then while they were watching, I tasted it and said "yuck that's horrible." Two of them didn't care what I thought and wanted it anyway, the third and oldest declined it. Then after I had dished it out to the two and put the carton away the oldest watched the others eating it and discovered that he had made an unwise decision and asked for some also. I told him it was put away and the chance had passed. I finally relented and gave him some as well but only after he understood the lesson, make your own decisions based on what you know and not on what someone else might say to sway you. Years later he has said that it was a very valuable lesson and it helped him a lot in making decisions. Bottom line --- be your own person and not what others try to make you into.

If you're actually going to use it and either you or your parents can afford one, I suppose so. If you're buying one to be in with the in crowd? Nope.

If you've gone this long without one,wait a little longer,I hear the xbox 720 is just around the corner.

Lol, there's always a new model on the horizon that will make a tech purchase old news. It's part of the consumer economy shell game trick to suck our wallets (and Warlrosity's parents wallets) dry as a bone.

Actually, it's one of the better reasons to get one. It's far more fun to play with friends than it is to play with strangers online. Of course various systems have various advantages, so you may not be getting the "best" system, but the key is to buy the one you'll have the most fun with.

I generally prefer PC gaming over consoles. If I were to choose a console, specially this long after original launch, I would focus on the games. Sites such as IGN have good listings of games per platform. See what games you like and get the associated platform.