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Should I post? Answered

Dinner tonight is fresh chicken, literally just clucking a few hours ago, which set me to wondering-should I post an ible on how to butcher and clean chickens? Yeah, I know...Kiteman's law. But I have no pictures (you kinda need both hands, and anyway they'd be fairly gross...). Would it still be worthwhile using stock photos/drawings? What sayeth ya'll?


Yes, I think you should, with pictures as necessary to make the procedure clear.

The pictures will be gross, necessarily, that is the nature of carnivory. See, for example, The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

It would be reasonable and thoughtful for you to mention that in the title ("(graphic)" or something similar), so that those who are not interested aren't unpleasantly surprised. Even if the phrase "butcher and clean" should make it clear to all...

I'm not worried. I'm a big girl, I can handle the people who'll hate on it because they think animals are better than people.

Well, if they don't like to eat chicken, then let them eat cake LOL

Hmmmm...could you make cake with other kinds of eggs? Perhaps a nice ikura angel food?

Sure, and if I wanted to make a bunch of cakes, maybe an Ostrich egg or two :-)

... and his sidekick Grammar Boy! Tune in next week when they team up to defeat the evil Metaphor Mixer!

And don't forget my other sidekicks: Hyperbole man, Metaphor woman, Simile boy, Alliteration girl, and my pet Metonymy Cavy ;-)

Sounds like more than just sidekicks; you've got yourself a whole stable of henchmen (or are they minions?)!

Okay, next weekend when we butcher the rest I'll take some pictures to document it. And I'll be sure to mention that there are pictures of chicken guts in the ible. Maybe I'll make the first picture of a live chicken or something so little kids don't stumble on it and get all upset. Funny that you mention that-I've been reading that exact book! My uncle recommended it to my father, who read it and recommended it to me. It's fascinating reading. But it makes me hungry. :-)

I can send you some chicken killing/cleaning/plucking pics on Wed. or so. We're about to thin the flock (gaggle, skein,herd,murder?).

Thanks! I think I'll take you up on that-it's fairly unlikely I'll be able to take pics this time, either.

> should I post an ible . I can't believe you, #1 Kite-stalker, asked that. . > worthwhile using stock photos/drawings? . I have to agree with TUA.

I'm not stalking! I'm interested. It's different. Really. '

I can quit cold turkey whenever I want.

I just don't want to quit Kiteman.

Okedoke, that's what I needed to know! :)

It confuses me, and I'm the subject...

I'm just saying I'm neither stalking nor addicted. And then I reply to Nacho's last sentence.

For whatever reasons (maybe a mental one?) I did not see Nacho's statements, that you were replying too....so the whole thing made little sense to me....now today, I see them and Eureka! LOL

YEAH! its not stalking, its following and taking pictures without permission!

. hmmmm Made perfect sense to me. Maybe I should be worried.

So, now I'm internet nicotine?

Go on, murder the wee beastie, get it all on camera and post away.

Just don't expect me to watch - I dropped practical biology for a reason.

Hmm, another one that gets squeamish when they cut themselves? :-)

I confess to being fascinated at all the cool structures visible when I cut myself. The little bits of muscle, etc...pretty cool. Distracts me from the pain, anyhow...

Hmm, I do remember, when I shoved the screwdriver into my palm years ago, that I was curious about the little white "threads" that I had severed in there (ligaments and tendons, I found out later)

Actually, no. Nor when other people injure themselves or throw up. I once had to hold a child's finger together after he got it mashed in the hinge side of a slammed door (two compound fractures in the last bone, and his finger burst), and I have been vomited on countless times by ill children (my own and at school).

I'm not keen on opening animals just for curiosity's sake. I'm not against it, it's just not my thing. Like rice pudding (which really does make me feel nauseous!). Plus, for some reason, raw chicken makes my stomach turn. My mother is the same, and she used to teach catering.

Ooo, the finger...that sounds bad. Poor kid. :'( Oy, I've had so much of my little brothers' and sisters' bodily fluids on me it's not even funny...

Are you a first-born also? That seems to be the fate of those of us that are :-)

I see :-) As oldest sibling in my family, I have also been on the receiving end of spontaneous stomach emptyings, from about ag 12 upwards. I am not really into opening them up for curiosity, unless one is eventually going to consume most of the edible bits ;-) My wife, she hates touching animal anything, before it is cooked (makes making meals at our house an interesting adventure at times LOL).


9 years ago

You can take a video of it. I think it would be good for people to see where our food comes from, we have become somewhat removed from all that.

does any know the name of a video like this but with cows. I remember seeing it on HBO and it was kinda gruesome. I couldn't eat beef after that

We watched several in Red meat class.
Here is a video similar to the USDA process, I think we use captive bolt to stun the animal before the jugular is sliced. The idea is not to stress the animal before slaughter because it causes bruising and pockets of blood to pool in the meat lowering the quality of the meat.


With the captive bolt, the animal is rendered unconscious and feels no pain. (if placed right)

oh, I was talking about an actual movie that dealt with illegal immagrants and the beef industry. I remember stuff like it showed the footage where they rip of the flesh from the cow, but I don't remember what its called

It would be better to use your own pictures. That was one thing I hated in Zoology, They showed all these animals with bright colorful looking insides and you go and do the experiment and everything is either a shade of red or brown. : ( Can you also include how to cut a whole chicken, to remove the drum stick, wing, breast, thigh

Yeah! I had the exact same experience! I saw the inside and it's like, "Oh, well, that's surprising, but I guess I should have expected it..." Sure, I can include how to cut it up.

No, wait until next time and have someone take pix. Sorry, stock photos always feel like cheating to me (nd yes I've used them myself).

Nothing wrong with starting to write it up. Once you have pictures, it should only need a little editing and then a quick post. If I still hunted, I could do one on field dressing (small game, I never had the opportunity to field dress a big game animal).

Yeah, but I don't want 900 people to read it before it's done...guess I'll just do it off site till I'm ready to publish.

900? Just how many subscribers have you got??