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Should I to delete the instructable? Answered

I published my last instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-natural-gas-generator-convertir-de-nafta-a-ga/
BEFORE verify the correct working of the generator under charge. All my attemps to do it work under charge FAILED.

It barely feed little tools, like 500 W hand grinder or drill.

I am ashamed by my hastiness. I am thinking to delete the instructable. What do you think about it?


I've some experience converting engines to natural gas, you need to advance the timing, as gas burns slower than petrol. On your engine easy way is to remove the flywheel and file a piece of the wood-ruff key or remove it all together. turn the flywheel 10 or 20 degrees on the crank the same direction as the engine turns and refit it. The taper on the crank will hold it in place if you do the nut up tight. the wood-ruff key only locates the flywheel during assembly It helps to mark the flywheel and crank so you can see if it any thing moved while doing the nut up.
If you advance it too much the engine will try to kick back when pulling the rope starter.
The other thing you should look at is the position of your gas inlet tube. It needs to be position closer to the throttle butterfly as the carburetters shape creates low pressure (venture effect) which pulls the fuel through. just push that tube into the carb to it narrowest point be careful it doesn't jam the throttle.

Its a great project and of course you will have set backs dont delete it

Thanks for your advice, liquidhandwash. I though that, but I don't dared to do the task. I am a bit lazy and other bit coward to undertake unknown tasks. I though that it would not be necessary when the engine began to work stable without applied charge.

But I am not sure that that is the only or main reason for the engine dies when got a charge. In normal state the carburetor is fully open, I don't know what happens when it needs more force, maybe is the gasoline flow what increases.

I will attempt to follow your advice. I will be happy to add a new step to the instructable and to mention you.

Just add a page that talks about how it actually turned out, what you think or know went wrong, and how you plan to correct or find those problems in the future. You should also read through the whole thing again and make sure you've corrected any place where you assumed it was working. Leaving it up will allow others to learn from your mistakes.

Thanks, bwrussell. I think you are right.

Rimar, No shame necessary. I read the whole instructable to learn. And I learned, successful or not. Thank you for your efforts! Keep up the great work!!
Rimar, Sin vergüenza necesario. Leí el instructable todo para aprender. Y aprendí, exitoso o no. Gracias por sus esfuerzos! Sigan con el buen trabajo!!

I agree with Lemonpie. and Oldmicah, and others. Everything we do is a learning experience. Just update your instructable, we are sure you will eventually solve the problems of running the generator under load.

Have you seen this Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Converting-a-generator-to-run-on-propane/

Also, there are kits available to replace the carburator for conversion to propane, but it will cost some Argentine Pesos.

Buena suerte, amigo.

Interesting instructable, I am looking it. But the procedure destroys the carburetor, I can't do that because surely I can not get a replacement.

Here is a link to a site that sells the conversion kit:

WOW, that is all I need, Bill. But here in Argentina there are not any of that. There are valuable info in the page too, I am analizing it. They enter the gas INTO the carburetor, not IN FRONT of it as I do.

You've learned things which should be shared for the benefit of human-society. Like others have said: let us learn from it.


Thanks, lemonie. You are always a friendly person.

Yes, being friendly works best for me. I got two kisses on the lips (from two different women) only an hour ago...


WOW, you says this to give envy to me!

Small gasoline engines which must run automatically at a certain speed (lawnmower, generator) have a governor of some sort. The governor detects slowing of the engine at increasing load and opens the throttle more. I can not remember your design, does your gas valve open greater when the generator has increased load?

Pequeños motores de gasolina que se deben ejecutar de forma automática a una velocidad determinada (cortadora de césped, generador) tienen un gobernador de algún tipo. El gobernador detecta la desaceleración del motor a aumentar la carga y se abre el acelerador más. No puedo recordar su diseño, es su válvula de gas abrir mayor cuando el generador se ha incrementado la carga?

Yo tendría que estudiar bien el generador en funcionamiento para poder responder tu pregunta, Bill, y tal vez debería haberlo hecho ANTES de comenzar. La mariposa del carburador está siempre abierta en su totalidad, así que pienso que la fuerza adicional la debe obtener por aumento del flujo de combustible, no del de aire.
I would have to study well the generator running to answer your question, Bill, and perhaps I should have done it BEFORE starting. The carburetor butterfly is always fully open, so I think the extra strength it get through increased fuel flow, not the air.

Pues claro que no debes borrarlo!
Si acaso, deberías añadir el apunte de que te ha sucedido, pero seguro que algún/a otro/a te puede mejorar el diseño...

Gracias, mikolynn. Voy a seguir el consejo de liquidhandwash, tal vez esa sea la cuestión.

Thanks, mikolinn. I will follow the advice of liquidhandwash, maybe that is the question.

I agree with MPilch: Edit the introduction to let people know that it didn't work the way you intended. And in the conclusion talk about what it does work with. There is nothing wrong (except maybe with your pride :-) in showing projects that weren't successful.

Thanks, kelseymh. Yes, my self esteem is wounded...

+1 We learn more from our mistakes than from what we do right! Whoever never makes mistakes, never does anything!

Thank, blkhawk. I think as you, but I am ashamed by my hurry to shout EUREKA!

Updated and make sure to mention this is an unproven prototype. Let people learn from your mistakes and maybe they will be able to help you fix it.

Seconded. I've learned the most from my most spectacular failures. Not only can it be a good guide for people trying similar things but they might have interesting ideas on your project.

Sorry it didn't work out as hoped though.

Thanks mpilchfamily, I was thinking that. Yesterday I did it. My self esteem is a bit low...