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Should I use .032" or .062" copper clad to make my own PCBs? Answered

In all of the tutorials for making your own PCBs, I've never seen the thickness of the copper discussed. Does one work better than the other for home etchings? I plan to use muriatic acid.

Side note: does RadioShack still carry copper clad in stores? It's not on the website anymore, and I don't go to RS on a regular basis to check.


Thanks...I had assumed that it was referring to the thickness of the copper, and now that I think about it, .062" of copper would be ridiculously thick. I guess my real question is what thickness copper should be used, which you also answered. Thanks!

I can still get blank boards at the three RS's that I have near me.  They are double sided though.

Frys has a good selection of blank boards if you're near one.