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Should minecraft be a Topic under the menu play Answered

Post to see if there should be a place for minecraft on instructables XD


Yes pie your concern is valid about physical projects but who says theres not room for other non-physical projects. There's always room for change. Most minecraft forums dont have instructions. Minecraft is very popular around everywhere so where ever your living monsterlego, your either living in a cave or under your bed. This ones for kiteman, how many creative games are there really??? Hmmmm... minecraft, little big planet, mod nation racers... wait there are no more!!! There are over 5 million people playing this, is an internet phenomena and it would change the instructables community for the better. Any other complaints??

I actually live in a cave under my bed.

Anyway, i think minecraft is awesome, but it would be weird to separate it from the games section.

kool...enderman are funny...you sit in your house you see one outside them BOOM and he is inside.

VERY excited just got struck by lightning... Bad thing or Good? you decide XD


6 years ago

yes I think you have raised a very good point. Minecraft would be a good topic.

rate 5 stars so we can get it on this website!!!!!!!!

One other thing; if you REALLY want a mineraft channel e-mail service@instructables.com

This would fall under the "video games" section in "play" they don't do individual games. (and minecraft isn't all that popular here.)

it should be more popular though heaps of creative opportunity like ilplug says :/

wait...it's popular everywhere and people come to minecon from all around the world....if you live any where in like Canada or America it's popular there

I appreciate the merit of Minecraft as a creative computer game, and your enthusiasm for it, but the focus of this site is in physical projects, whether they are wood working, cooking or electronics to name just a few. As such it really wouldn't be appropriate to give it a section with equal visibility to such topics as USB, or home renovation. Even in the computer games section of the site, many of the most popular posts are on modding consoles, or replicating props and such. It is also a relatively small portion of the site with only 10 pages compared to the the 40 pages of many of the most popular sections. If you would like to teach a technique by all means go ahead, but posting on your projects on a minecraft forum will get more attention and respect.


yo people now if you have a tamed ocelot (cat) in minecraft creepers will get away form those and if one is beside you it won't attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes it should be like a mini reasorse page....

I agree but it is under video games because umm it is a video game.

I think it should. Minecraft has almost 5 million buyers and it's a huge thing. Just take all the people that commented here, they read "Minecraft" and automatically knew what it was. It's more than a game. 0_0


6 years ago

Not a topic, it falls under games, although it does have tons of creative opportunity.


(Not unless you're planning to replace the video game section with a whole stack of separate sections, one for each game available?)

Minecraft really should be in instructables, helping with pistons ect. Lots of opportunity.