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Show Off Answered

Okay, I am totally bored right now SOOOO..... Post all of your time wasting avatars to show off


There were just a few of mine. I think I might go back to the Hitler Smiley, though. Thoughts?


I personally find that joke to be in very poor taste. I know you are aware of the Holocaust, but seriously, the things that happened are unspeakably evil. We should not celebrate the evil man behind it.

I'm sorry, but I believe there are certain things that should not be joked about, including mass murder and genocide.

>:O I was just about to make a forum topic about how every time I think about posting a comment i scroll down and ~BLAM~ someone else said it 8 minutes ago. And I was just bout to be like "BRAAAGH hitler is offensive" and oh look Adrian Monk has just defeated me again, even though I am a month late.... But still....

I feel as though the INSTRUCTO-world is against me and will forever oppress my comment total!

*deep breaths*

Haha. You snooze, you loose.

But still, I encourage you to express your opinion anyhow-it's no less valid a month later! Especially when it meshes with mine.


9 years ago


1 original avatar, got cleaned up in a few days
2 main avatar that you will usually see
3 avatar with a top hat, died very quickly
4 avatar I experimented with for a few hours
5 Star trek theme, still in developement
6 My sig, may be used as avatar someday if made a square

Note: all of these avatars were made in flash then put in photoshop so some have black boxes around them.

french bomb image.jpgbomb pose 2.jpgBomb pose hat.jpgbomb pose 4.jpgbomb pose 5.bmpN8MAN sig 1 clear.jpg

My new Halloween themed one

Bomb pose 6.jpg

YOU RUINED IT! AA7 had the last post on everyone of my threads!

Uh... sorry... I guess...
me is confused...

okay i explain you went and brought back a dead thread and ruined the pattern AA7 made

Just have him comment on this thread and it is fixed

no, you got me into this mess you get me out!

I think he meant -dom, but spelling has become a lost art, even a liability :-)

lol, no, i tried to reply right after you did... which is odd, because at the time, it said you posted at 5:25, but now it doesn't... i replied 18 seconds after you... *at the time, that's what it said*

hmmm, it seems I may have actually warped time & space with one of my comments LOL

oh, look again! apparently i replied BEFORE you posted...


Well, if it is a mark of "Loser-dome", I'll proudly count myself as part of it with you. :)

One of these days people will figure out that calling others derogatory names only makes themselves look worse. *sigh*

Holy hell, it was a freaking joke. Aren't we allowed to poke fun at fellow 'iblers anymore? And besides, it wasn't aimed at n8, it was a joke about Keith-kid. Lighten up, for Christ's sake.

*sigh* Skate implied that having an avatar made by nate-man made one a loser. As I said to GH, if that is true, I proudly count myself in the crowd of losers, even though that isn't my current avatar.

*facepalm* And then Adrian continued to take my joke seriously despite the fact that I was clearly joking. I told her to lighten up, and she has yet to, so that's where we stand.

I was merely explaining what happened to KK. And please no cursing.

...And please no cursing....

*reads comment*
No cursing.