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Show me the chicken! Answered

Today we're launching a new Chicken Recipes Contest, and I wanted to invite you to enter!

Typically, I would have launched this as a Scoochmaroo Challenge, but you all have been so responsive to these challenges, we decided to turn them into full-blown contests.  Then I realized that you wouldn't get the normal update from me about the challenge, and might not know we're running it at all - oh no!  So from now on I'll do my best to keep you apprised of the contests in the Food & Living categories, and herein create a forum for everyone to chat about it as well.

So break out your chicken recipes - I know this seems exclusive to vegetarians, but I also know how creative our audience can get - and show us what you've got to win some sweet knives generously donated from Wusthof.  These are the same knives I use in my home and here at the Instructables HQ!

We're even giving away one special prize to one author who submits the most entries! 

So enter now, check in often, and vote for your favorites.  Contest closes August 27.  


ummm... errrrrr... Scooch... ummm... would you possibly agree that a chicken egg is actually an unborn chicken?  8-)

Good point:)

We perhaps need a contest subscriber option, so that if you are (like me) and keep forgetting to check for new contests, an opt-in alert would send out the details. :-)

Yeah, if we can get groups to work, people can subscribe to that. But they still don't send out notifications when new things get added. . . . So I'll keep doing this in the meantime!