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Show off your drawings!!! Answered

Though there's no members at the moment I figured I'd go ahead and start a topic. In this one, just post pics or scans of some of your drawings. Here's three of mine:


Hi, this the first drawing I've done in seven years. I hope you enjoy.


Characters from different worlds


gυуѕ ωнαт ∂σ уσυ тнιик


Well, it's digital and I hope you don't mind


4 months ago

What do guys think?


love your drawings they look great i think you are great drawer.


1 year ago

New to the forum and loving this thread! Lovely drawings

Hey everyone! New to the forum, but loved the topic. I am definitely not a pro, but I'd like to hear thoughts/comments on how to improve my so called "art". Here's a photo of one of my latest creations.


Sometimes it's not a soul eating ponies...


Also this. It's not mine, it is from the children drawings exposition in a town you'll pobably never be closer than 1000km to... or whatever is the right way to compose this sentence...

I just love this horses.


Here's some of my favorite pieces I've done.


is this where I submit my drawings? I'm Theory. Theory Odd (hyper)


I never knew I could draw till I started trying to personalise my man shed. Started by just using permanent markers directly onto the wood, then tried black paint on canvass. Are they any good or am I deluding myself. Lol. Any comments would be great. Thanks


the future


6 years ago

Heres a pic i drew of my horse, i'm not the best at drawing real life pics so pleaz dont judge!

horse for web.png

not good at real life pics?

You must be mistaken, that's one of the best I've ever come across not done by a proper artist...or do you have an alter ego?

That's great!!! You have a horse?

Judge? I judge it as very well done and you have promising talent !

Thank you thats so sweet!

I honestly meant it too. I think they are better then the sketches I had to do for my Pyrographs.

I started sketching these mid-year of 2010 and the latest were done just last month. Medium I used were varying. I sometimes use 6B, but most of the time 8B for shading and then HB for outlining. I draw on Canson or sketchbook if I see something interesting on the streets. I usually draw birds, but recently I'm drawn to sketching cats.

Anyway, I hope you'll like them! :D

Pic 1.jpgPic 2.jpgPic 7.jpgPic 8.jpgPic 10.jpgPic 12.jpg

That is amazing you you did these!

Very impressive! (Well, I'm only ten, but I take classes!)

I hope I can be as great of an artist as you someday!


just a sketch of animals that run through my nighberhood. #iloveart


Here are some portraits I did on paper using Nupastels. Let me know what you think.

Vivi.jpgI take my one a day .jpgcolor.jpg

Cool, you like pastels? (I've never tried them)

yeah these particular pastels are great because they are not oily like oil pastels. these feel like charcoal.

Drawing has never been one of my stronger skills, but I have been practicing. Here is a dragon head and a lizard, done in chalk pastel.


You've got great skills in chalk pastel!

You should keep drawing and soon you'll be a pro!

my princess


Am a new comer....here is my favorite krishna... friends sorry for the quality...


8 years ago

This kind of pictures I now learn to draw. Sorry for the quality  ;)

This technique is called 'Petrikivskiy rozpis' and comes from Dniepropetrovks region of Ukraine.


thank you ))

I learn to draw about half a year, and this particular technique for about two months.

Your welcome :)

That's great, only two months and you've already done that!!!!
I didn't really start buying drawing materials and books and stuff until about 2 years ago.