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Signed Copies of the Best of Instructables Volume 1 Answered

We're selling a limited number of signed Best of Instructables Volume 1! Signatures from Christy, Cloude, Ed, Eric N., Matthew, Noah, Rachel, Randy, Sarah, and me!

Signed copies - $40 on our Instructables Store.

Or, if you can get enough of our signatures in the picture, unsigned copies - $30 at the Maker Shed.

Finally, if you want to save on shipping, copies should arrive in bookstores near the end of the month.

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.


Ok, maybe I am a bit tired this morning, but I am having difficulties translating this line above:

Or, if you can get enough of our signatures in the picture, unsigned copies - $30 at the Maker Shed.

Emphasis mine...

I read that to mean "if autograph hunters are satisfied with the image below"

In that case, a slightly wider shot would be nice... ;-)

I tol 'ja-I've got ALL their signatures (I think) on my forum topic...

Well, making them small enough to put on a small page would be worse then on a t-shirt for readability, wouldn't it?

For me, clarity is not that problem. Font size is :-) If my reading glasses need need to be any thicker, I will need to invest in a wearable microscope :-)

That could be too. I wasn't sure, it just looked about as odd as some of my local phraseology must look to others outside my area :-)

Nope, even after a cup of coffee I still am perplexed....

Think of it like this, you can meet me in person, or maybe you get enough of me online and would rather keep it that way. It's a funny way of saying if you don't want a signed copy.

Ah yes, I forgot he is from that Far Western Country of CA ;-) Thanks for the translation and clearing that up for me. :-)

Omg there's really 350,000 acount on instructables ? didn't think it was that much, more like ten thousand, that's incredible!

Now there's an idea... Mail about a copy of the book to everyone who's in it, and get 'em to sign it!

Crazy! We should totally do that!

How would that work on the t-shirt ible?

Complicatedly - Maybe that one could have a secondary page of signatures made from the T-shirt image.

Is the t-shirt image not in the book?

Maybe a collage of project pics might have been nicer than just the listing. Oh well, next time.

I'm afraid you need to sit down and have a strong root beer on the counter. Only Rocket's name and url for the project are listed.

I don't think I'm even getting a book...I emailed the guy a week ago, and he never replied...

IDK if he was going to reply... If the book doesn't turn up in a week, I'll pm him...

Super Compleate Deluxe Edition of Signed Copies of The Best of Instructables. Starting at 3,249.99!

How many is "limited"?

Less than infinity. Honestly Kiteman, I thought that you, a teacher, would know that.

Sorry Adrian. Of course, I meant; What is the number to which the signed editions are limited?

Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about calling the kettle black!

Fungus Amungus's signature looks like it takes a while to do ! i might rotate this pic and print it and stick it in my copy :P Well heres my signature for you all to print out and stick in... you know you want to.....go on......do it................ :P


Okay, now what? Congrats for getting in the book!


hahaha thats awesome! what is my bit like? is it just a little pic or what? i am sooo excited i cant wait to get my copy :P

Oooooo, two little pics in the Altoid Tin Projects gallery, (contents and open display case), page 179, 1/6th of page with 6 projects, yours being placed in rightmost of 2 columns, middle.