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Sily child...Stun gun? Answered

I don't know who to be more disappointed at... the Police, for reacting as such, or the kid for being dumb enough to bring it to a public school.



Does anyone know who on instructables did this? lol

I do believe that there facts are wrong, it's a taser and it doesn't produce 600 volts (unless they had some monster of a camera). And they really aren't dangerous (unlesss you lick it)

While not exactly dangerous, they are stun guns, and they can easily produce 600 volts. It's current that makes it hurt, not voltage. For example, you can produce much, much more than 600 bolts just by rubbing your socks on the carpet and touching a door knob.

Quite the opposite actually. It's Voltage that "hurts"... it's Current that kills. A 20,000 Volt shock of static hurts/"zings"... but doesn't kill you.

A useful mnemonic device taught to Electrical Engineering students is "It's the Volts that Jolt, but the Mils that Kills." (speaking of Miliamps, a measure of Current.)

On the other hand, a low voltage-high current would probably kill you.
Estimates of between 0.7A to 1.0 A are the apparently the minimum to kill a person through electrocution. However, currents as low as 0.2 A would be enough to stop the heart, also causing death.

I believe the only caveat here would be that there must be enough Voltage to overcome the internal resistance of the human body. A VERY low voltage, even with high current may not have enough electro-motive force to actually create a grounding through the body.

Not the opposite, we were talking about how dangerous it is, therefore it would be obvious that "hurt you" is in reference to how much of a threat it is to one's physical well being. And as you confirmed, the current is just that.

you guys missed two key point here: 1) higher voltages are not only safer because they have less amps; the implication of screwing up with 10kv is much greater than screwing up at 110 volts. so a lot of people are careless with low voltages, compared to hv. 2) a lot of people survive the initial shock, only to die of heart failure several hours later.

o, dang, i gotta go apolagise to my friend. i told him that 600v is safer then 300... i guess im just so gosh darn gullible.

hahahahah, but you can't measure deadlieness with just voltage. you need to know the amperage/current, nothing else matters. but in most cases, yeah, higher voltage is safer, but only if it's being converted... you may want to read up... hope this helps!

yea, thanks! ill probably just not make dumb statements anymore....wish me ALOT of luck..

20,000 volts would hurt alot more than a mere static shock... i just don't know why there's high voltage and low pain...
in any other case, it would hurt like hell!
*i know from experience*

I like how they wouldn't give step by step instructions, but did tell you how to find some.

Yeah, but I don't think it'd take a genius to figure out "...entering 'homemade stun-gun' or 'camera tazer' on search engines like google..." would probably be a good start. Or better yet, just head on to Instructables.com... for all your home-made weapons of dubious degrees of lethality!

But they told the general public that there are "Hundreds, if not thousands of step by step guides"

i agree...or you could just look at this website, 1/4 of all ibles are about camera stun guns....(obviousely an exxageration)

step 1: open up the camera step 2: your already done! it wouldn't have made a difference...

was it just me, or did anyone get mad for no reason after watching that video? Police officer: When you're dealing with electricity, obviously electricity can injure you, harm you, it happens daily, so we just wanna stress that these arn't toys. Asian Guy: Here we are in the ABC engineering room really just to stress it that you don't need to be engineer or a scientist for that matter Go to google (didn't say that, but a screen shot of google) and you'll find hundereds of thousands of guides to doing this, but we arn't going to show you. All in all it isn't that dangerous... maybe to someone with a pace maker. This is less dangerous than:a pencil, a yard stick, about the same as a shocky pen, scissors, and pretty much anything in school. Besides, he just opened it up, no different than opening up... well there isn't an equivilent, but what makes a camera into a weapon?

oh man... that guy shouldn't be working for a petty abc "engineering" room. asians are better than that! lol

it like to take this opportunity to point out

to all you people reading this: high voltages are not as dangerous as you evidently think. it is not high voltage that is dangerous; its the amperage. stop being idiots about high voltages. in fact, the higher the voltage, the SAFER, because there are less amps. unless you know what your talking about, dont speak about electrical hazards

thanks for clearing that up, it get's pretty anoying sometimes, i know.

I noticed a strange bruning sensation in my belly, there was something so dumb about that news report, obviously it's classed as a dangerous weapon but I thought that the whole report was a bit stupid, also it takes away from people using the circuit for other stuff, I have already found several uses for these, one of which is as an ignition to replace spark coils when possible, If the polic occifer in question saw the one that I'm using he'd be mortified but it's never going to hurt anyone, the thing it's attached to has however hurt me repeatedly, even before it was born...

The reporter who built one even said that he shocked himself a couple of times with it...

i brought one to school for science fair and got an A! there was a cop on duty who works at our school! it was approved as a subject, without question! the kid and the school, and the cops, were stupid.

you know the sad thing about our school? Is (i S*** you not) i made a dry ice bomb and got extra credit for it!!!!! im sure if i made one of these i would get an A+

lol, i used a stun gun for science fair (100,000 volts) and got an A!

it wasn't a real stun gun...
it didn't have any real danger...
a lot of cops, teachers, and all anchorman are stupid...

"It can easily produce a shock of 600 volts" Yeah. Like that's going to kill me. Once again. Unless you have a pacemaker, or something like it, it's not very dangerous. Every once in a while, these reports pop up, and they always anger me.

poor kid, he is not discreet, I took a disposable camera to school and my friends shocked themselves with it and never got into trouble

Did he even hurt anybody? If not, that was a HUGE overreaction by the police and the court system. At most he should have a small fine from the court and a suspension by the school... Not a felony charge and community service...

I think he just had it...I'm not sure.