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Simple flashing LED circuit to work with pressure sensors ... Answered

I am looking for someone to build me a simple flashing LED circuit to be activated by a touch sensor or small push button ( no toggle switches), for 24 LED's and 4 of the touch sensors. the wires coming from the board should be about 3" long so that I can attach the LED's to my device. I am located in the NY/NJ area and would be willing to meet for delivery and payment once a price is arranged. This circuit should be a simple task for a person with the right skill set. My email address is cherrick2@aol.com  Please contact me if interested. I would like this job done as soon as possible.
Thank you all
Cherrick Gordon


I could help if you could send maybe a few diagrams, rough sketches of the device. And also to elaborate a little more on the pressure sensors. Even though I am UK based, I can prototype on a breadboard as I have most of the necessary components and you could OK it as it progresses?
Should be easy though :-)

I could but I don't think you want to come to Canada to meet.
would a skematic help and you could get someone neer you to build it.

Just sent you an email