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Simplest free internet radio broadcasting software? Answered

 I am very tech savvy/able, but I am struggling with this one.

My friend does the occaisional internet radio broadcast (just for school friends to listen to 'aprez-school') and I have done a few with him. I don't think he does it enough therefore I wish to start my own.

He uses Nicecast for Mac OS.  I have tried many, many free Windows software, none of which have been anywhere near as slick and easy as Nicecast.  (I have never got one working).

Any suggestions? I am willing to pay but free is better.

This is really starting to get on my boobamajugs (in the words of Charlie Brooker) now...
I just can't get anything working....


Does anyone know how to connect my E-MY audio interface with Winamp? cause i don't see any option yet
and i got the plugins already


I'm sure theres a mixer input plugin so winamp can take multiple inputs then stream the output....

There is a free shoutcast server that works with winamp for windows - and I've streamed to max my bandwidth having no issues with several people.



works with all versions of windoze, free, and awesome (check out analogx's stuff, awesome freeware!)

you basically tell the server what sound to listen for, and tell winamp to use the output plugin, and then whatever you play goes over the air.  Tell winamp to use an input plugin (like microphone mixer) and you're transmitting.


8 years ago

Winamp with the SHOUTcast plugin is easy and has loads of support.  Just check out www.shoutcast.com Something like 34 000 stations and easy to listen to them.

You'll need to be able to port-forward, though.  I tried running a station but couldn't because my connection runs through a proxy.  Something about my dynamic IP address.

Hope this helps.

Mac OS-X is a UNIX-variant so I guess if you installed a UNIX-variant OS on your machine (dual-boot) you could use it too. Linux, Ubuntu etc. But then I'm guessing, maybe it exploits something Mac-specific?
Go looking and you find the similarly named icecast
icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia